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Bleep Radio #288 by 138 (Billy Garcia & Nathan Valle of L.A.) [Techno]


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Bleep Radio #288 was a pre-recorded show that was broadcast as it was a guest mix. The guest being "138", a duo based in L.A..


Bleep Radio sets are played and aired live via Mixlr.

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Mixed by: 138 (Billy Garcia & Nathan Valle of L.A.)
Aired: Friday June 20th, 2014

Kondaktor - Signal 2 (Original Mix) -
Modal Analysis Eomac -
Mika Riddim (Original Mix) - KilleKill
Inigo Kennedy - NCG5128 (Original Mix) - Token
Regis - Blood Witness (Original Mix) - Blackest Ever Black JoeFarr - Sentry (Original Mix) - Power Vacuum
Blacknecks - Hotline (Original Mix) - Blacknecks
Boner M - Tsiu (Original Mix) - Arts
Regis - Sand (Original Mix)- Downwards
Fokus Group - 93.2 (Original Mix) - Pennyroyal
Myler - Slack Your Rage (Original Mix) - Mindcut
Cube 40 - You Make Me Function (Original Mix) - Temple Records NYC
JoeFarr - What Time Is Now (Original Mix) -Power Vacuum
Regis - Purification (Original Mix) - Downwards
Zadig - Panic (Original Mix) - Tresor
Parassela ft. Pariah - Untitled A1 (Original Mix) - Restoration Records
Raíz - The Struggle Pt 2 (Original Mix) - Droid Records
Mr. Jones - Under The Radar (Original Mix) - DSNT
AX&P - Dynes (Original Mix) - Ampere & Ohm
Perera Elsewhere - Ebora ft. Aremu (Paula Temple Remix)
Paul Birken - Whirly Bird (Original Mix) - Communique Records
Daphne Oram , Andrea Parker & Daz Quayle - Women’s Hour - Aperture
G-23 - Abcdefuck! (Original Mix) - Mindcut

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