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Bleep Radio #285 by Trevor Wilkes [Bleepy, Chunky...stuff]


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Hello almost all!

Bleep Radio #285 was a first run at a specific bag of records I had set aside for a show the next night. Some of the ideas were carried on with and others (like the record that skipped without mercy) were dealt with in other ways.

Bleep Radio sets are played and aired live via Mixlr.

Info and stream announcements:
Info, stream announcements, plus all else:

Mixed by: Trevor Wilkes
Recorded: Friday March 28th, 2014

01 - Tero "Sinister" Sewer Leak 02
02 - Outsider "Sex is Extra (No Assembly Firm's .dotbleep re-edit)" Junior Boys Own 12
03 - Pornbugs "About Taste (Spencer K & Timid Boy Remix)" My Little Dog ltd06
04 - Rosie Brown "Bliss (Derrick Carter's Boom Bsp Bleep Edition)" .dotbleep 11
05 - Dinamoe "Boost Garden" 9Volt 11
06 - ### "04" Snork 17
07 - Artifakt "The Way It Do" Somethinksounds 10
08 - Troy Pierce "Horse Nation" Minus 29
09 - Chiapet "Tick Tock" Yoshitoshi 16
10 - JoeFarr & J. Tijn "Mustard Sucker" Power Vacuum 08
11 - Sutekh "Dirty Needles" Stock ltd05
12 - Tiga & Jori Hulkkonen "Your Body Never Lies (JoeFarrRemix)" Turbo 145
13 - Tobias Schmidt "Systemshocker" Feinwerk 11
14 - Hot City "Yeah!" High Point Low Life 31
15 - Ben Pest "Jumpadelic" Bonus Round 04

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