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Bleep Radio#267 by Trevor Wilkes


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Bleep Radio #267 was recorded during a live stream by Trevor Wilkes.

Bleep Radio info and discussion: https://www.facebook.com/FitMBleepRadio
Bleep Radio/Trevor Wilkes streaming archives: https://soundcloud.com/trevor-wilkes
Live stream announcements: https://twitter.com/FunintheMurky

Central repository of all things I do: Fun in the Murky

01 - Donk Boys "Deadlast" Frankie Recs 35 [Djaxulator EP]
02 - Alexia Delano & Xpansul "Cosmic Antipathy" Plus 8 92 [Intelligence reframed EP]
03 - Minimal Man "Make a move Pt. 1" Trelik 14 [Untitled EP]
04 - Alex Kork "8Nothing" Stereo+ 07 [Out of Memory EP]
05 - Keek "Petting Zoo..." Parallel Recordings 07 [Synaptic Poontastic EP]
06 - Felix Bernhardt "Wander Zirkus" Snork Enterprises 28 [Wander Zirkus EP]
07 - Artifact "The way it do" Somethink Sounds 10 [The way it do EP]
08 - Furry Phreaks Feat. Terra Diva "Want me like water (Herbert's tension dub)" Peacefrog 21:01 [Secondhand Sounds LP]
09 - Brommage Dub "Untitled" Svek 13 [Untitled EP]
10 - Cross Nine Troll "Wanna say" Bouq 19 [Family and Friends Part 6 EP]
11 - Abe Duque "What Happened?" Abe Duque 07 [What Happened EP]
12 - Kink "Same old thing" Odori 32 [Eviljack Vs. Kink EP]
13 - Fym "Limbo Splitting Body" Boogizm 10 [Horseradish Mikado EP]
14 - Mirco Violi "Other Way" Aurour Records 01 [Back to back EP]
15 - Kate Simko "Kabuki Drop" Left Room 32 [Kabuki Drop EP]

Bleep Radio 267 Direct Download



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First one I've listening to in quite a while, but dude, that this is #267 is just incredible. You're a marvel!
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