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bleep 31 = "The Purple People Eater Mix"


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Another Bleep Archive!

Another agitated mix of wonky techno, acid, electro and whatever else I can fit with it all. Impatient mixing = lots of cuts and bleepy tracks with silly noises strewn throughout. Wicked, I know! A couple tracks from potentially my favorite new label. Okay not new, but newly discovered. I definitely slept on this one ([K]rack-troni[k]). Dirty, grimey, Saw Pads? Okay!

How low can you go? BASS! Enjoy the latest Bleep mix you sorry lot of hidey hole slackers ;)

01 - Drexciya "Soul Of The Sea" Tresor 181
02 - The Advent "Funkage" Internal
03 - Sol_Dat "Eye Of The Storm" [K]rack-troni[k] Ltd 02
04 - Preast FX 'Hungarian Tech" Fix
05 - Hareball "Differ (Jamie's Black Angel Grinder Mix)" Emetic 12
06 - Paul Birken "Spitoon Platoon" Audio Textures
07 - George Andrews and Pete Edwards "Stopstart Frequencies" Product 03
08 - Spokesman "Acid Creak (Pierre's Reconstruction Mix)" Fuse
09 - Spinks "21 Knockouts" Buffalo Frequency 03
10 - Bass Kittens & Single Cell Orchestra "Morgasm" Spacebar Sentiments 03
11 - Michael Forshaw "DR008" SMB
12 - Snog "Crash Crash (Speed Baby Mix)" [K]rack-troni[k] 10
13 - Jason Leach "Untitled" Death To Vinyl 01
14 - Daz Saund & Ben Tisdall "Juggernaut" Missile 22
15 - The Tokyo Assassin "Wrote Off My Impreza..." Scandinavia 23
16 - Intercooler "Tokyo, Baby I Know" Sleep Debt 02
17 - Underground Resistance "Elimination" Underground Resistance 02
18 - Cristian Vogel "Information:power:Revolution" Force Inc. 80

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