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Bleep 221: Dead Agenda

Discussion in 'Techno Room' started by isoprax, Jul 14, 2010.

  1. isoprax

    isoprax TRIBE Promoter

    Bleep Radio #221
    Aired: July 14th, 2010
    Mixed by: Dead Agenda / Mike Holmes (UK)

    Fun in the Murky / Trevor Wilkes: Last.FM - Stream similar artists

    Mike Holmes has been a steady contributor to Bleep Radio for a few years now. He's a stand-up fellow who seems to enjoy good music. As I've outright mentioned in the recent past though, he's about to start contributing to the Fun in the Murky half of the operations as well. Not by writing massive interviews like Andrez does, but by releasing some music! Considering the low output of tunes lately (across the board) I'm always stoked with the idea of new stuff coming out. The only problem I can think of is it's digital nature.

    0/3d!t -bleep radio intro
    1/ Little Nobody - Cat n' Ebb - Dead Channel (Channel026)
    2/ Little Nobody - Metropolis How (Dave Angel Remix) - IF? (IFLTD001)
    3/ Andrez Bergen - Disquo - Hypnotic Room (HROOM021)
    4/ Cut Bit Motorz - Golden Garden (Little Nobody Remix) IF? (IF106)
    5/ Funk Gadget - Blah Blah (Si Begg Remix) - Slidebar Recordings (Slidebar 03)
    6/ Little Nobody feat Robo Brazileira- Robota (Dave Tarrida Remix) - IF? (IF101)
    7/ Ben Mill - Dancefloor confessions of a stalker (Space DJz Remix) - Gynoid Audio/IF? (GYNOIDD 001, IF112)
    8/ Dead Agenda - Chaos Theory (Enclave Remix) - IF? (IF091)
    9/ Little Nobody - Metropolis How (Enclave Remix) - IF? (IF117)
    10/ Luke's Anger - Project Perk (Original Mix) - IF? (IF103)
    11/ Dead Agenda - Chaos Theory (Paul Birken's Surfin Remix) - IF? (IF091)
    12/ Little Nobody - Metropolis How (Paul Birken Remix) - IF? (IF117)
    13/ Dick Drone - Wash (Funk Gadget's Dirty Folded Laundry Mix) - IF? (IF053)
    14/ Luke's Anger - Sound clash (Original Mix) - IF? (IF103)
    15/ K Alexi Shelby - The more you do it - IF? (IF108)

    Download The July 14th, 2010 Archive

    Bleep Info:
    Next Weeks Show: Unknown at this time.

    Bleep's goal is to bring quality dance-floor music, music without it's head up it's arse, to areas where it's seemingly lacking. Stale music has taken over and needs to move over. We need less labels, not more. Techno may be the label that Bleep assumes, but it's the Techno label of days gone by, one that encompasses much and has a sense of humour. The humour bit may be just me though. Enjoy.

    Anyone is highly encouraged to ask questions or comment about Bleep mixes. All questions will be answered. Help will be given. Direction will be shown.

    Recent Fun in the Murky News
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    Various Artists "House of Trax Vol. 4" Rush Hour -Trax 4
    BBII "Untitled" Fresh Up Records 01
    Bleep Radio 220: Trevor Wilkes

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