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Bleep 214: Ben Pest

Discussion in 'Techno Room' started by isoprax, May 27, 2010.

  1. isoprax

    isoprax TRIBE Promoter

    Bleep Radio #214
    Aired: May 26th, 2010
    Mixed by: Ben Pest (UK) / Ben Pest on Myspace

    Fun in the Murky / Trevor Wilkes: Last.FM - Stream similar artists

    There is only one Ben Pest making music. That is unfortunate. His stuff is gold. He's had several EPs out on the labels we know and love and after years of work the second Panic Bridge is now out as well. More on that tomorrow though.

    Ben has his own style. That's something which catches you off guard when it comes to music these days. At first glance it may seem all lumped in with the rest, but that feeling never lasts with his stuff. It is different on a level I'm not even comfortable discussing. So I leave it to you all to check out --if you haven't already in some way--- by listening to this 3 hour live set of his. It pretty much covers all of his material and is most excellent.

    No track-list for this Liveset

    Bleep Radio 214 by Ben Pest

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    Bleep's goal is to bring quality dance-floor music, music without it's head up it's arse, to areas where it's seemingly lacking. Stale music has taken over and needs to move over. We need less labels, not more. Techno may be the label that Bleep assumes, but it's the Techno label of days gone by, one that encompasses much and has a sense of humour. The humour bit may be just me though. Enjoy.

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