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Bleep 206: Psychomantix (Neil Landstrumm Tribute Mix)

Discussion in 'Techno Room' started by isoprax, Mar 31, 2010.

  1. isoprax

    isoprax TRIBE Promoter

    Bleep Radio #206
    Aired: March 31st, 2010
    Mixed by: Psychomantix (Germany)

    Fun in the Murky / Trevor Wilkes: Last.FM - Stream similar artists

    When I found out from Heiner that there was a Neil Landstrumm mix done that he'd put together I had to ask for it. It's been years now since the last all Landstrumm mix on Bleep and it's high time there was another that included more of his recent stuff. So here it is, check 'er out!

    Bazz Macho Bookingz

    01.- finnish deception
    02.- sibling rivalry
    03.- brazilian death metal
    04.- glasvegas experience
    05.- range rover traxx
    06.- blam the target
    07.- finnish deception
    08.- tusk hunter
    09.- custard traxx
    10.- sibling rivalry (landstrumm/tarrida rmx)
    11.- the race
    12.- the dose (with ebola)
    13.- swing jerk
    14.- intellectual property abuse
    15.- ponytail
    16.- hallelujah (bleep mix)
    17.- saville the grump
    18.- dx serve
    19.- kids wake up
    20.- assassin master
    21.- big in chapeltown
    22.- mallard

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