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Bleech burn on my clothes now what?


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ya so i was trying to get this little bit of dingy tone out of my favorite white shirt. I thought hey lets bleech it out right

sure enough my roomate was like dont worry i will do it for you will i am doing some laundry anyways

long story short there are not brown spots on my shirt from where the bleech was added right on to my clothes
he mixed it in but not enough

so can these spots be taken out or is that it
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throw it out. it's for the best. i had a collection of fave gear ruined by zee bleech. fucking zee bleech.

ps. many a homeless person enjoys my "treated" clothing.


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Bleach spots can't be "taken out" because they've taken all the colour out of your shirt...they usually can't be dyed over, either. Just accept it as a loss...and don't let other people bleach your clothes.


Hawk Eye

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I think that might have happened to my clothes as well.
I went over to my roommates cottage and they have a washer and dryer.. well she did it just bc it's her place, and ruined 3 of articals of clothing. :mad:
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they sell white dyes at that store that sells white ink cartidges for printers

it's next to the store that sells all those unsuntan lotions
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The Tesseract

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You can get Fabric Dye Restoration Pucks at Shoppers Drug Mart.
I used on a pair of black jeans i used to wear. Did an awesome job.

You just have to add salt though.