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Blame-One World


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Holy fek!

if you haven't got it then go DL the Blame-One World mix off Audiogalaxy.

some of the best, futuristic D 'N B out there period.

on a constant loop over the past week.




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Hey Jamie...

just type: blame-one world

and it'll come up saying something like Blame Good looking organization one world...


True Blue

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Funny you say that i heard that someone was bringing in Blame sometime in the next few months so keep your eyes open.

I think it will be at System. Not official but i am pretty sure it will happen soon.

True Blue
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feisty boy

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seeing as they're in the middle of the 'progression sessions' tour in the states, and they're not making it up here, i have a fear that visa problems are going to keep them out of toronto for awhile yet.

nookie and bukem and conrad did kick ass in NYC last week though :D

feisty boy

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^^it was at 'centro-fly' - i would say same capacity as system main room...
it was full, but not packed - room to dance.
on a tuesday night though...
bukem and conrad came on at midnight, bukem played a more oldschool progression sessions set for about an hour (lots of ambient), then halted the set, and came back in with some more uptempo, jazzier stuff.
nookie closed the place with a lot of more mainstream tracks (hospital and the like) to keep the energy up. nookie's not much of a mixer - he would rinse out almost the entire tracks before mixing in the next. nice selection though.

back to the topic at hand - i'm a half hour into this blame set - some really nice sounds and beats. constant innovation - damn, i love d&B!

MC Wizard

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It's about time ppl started appreciating the atmo/futuristic side of d'n'b.......Blame is definitely levels above many.

just be patient....
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Juan Love

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"just be patient"...Ha!
Never gonna happen...

No hoovers...NO INTEREST!


Juan Love

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Ooooh, those are battling words cuz!!

Originally posted by Hal-9000
Go fuck yourself Juan and take your hoovers with you. Nobody gives a shit about what you have to say.

Yo engineer, turn up the mic:

Juan, two...mic check...Juan two..

You say no one gives a shit and yet you seem to take issue...
Rippin' through my little dis like you was rippin' pussy tissue.

Well like Dave's Hal, your fuzzy logic's twisted and rather see-thru,
you best tighten up sucka - before I likewise Ctrl-Alt-Delete you...

Emcee Juan Love's droppin' wack rhymes up in the place, never going down in disgrace...:D

Really though,

I was just kidding, but you have to admit TO's isn't generally known for the popularity of this type of drum and bass. Nuff cats, and even their cousins are reppin' the techstep...and it will take a while before things change in my opinion. I certainly hope I'm wrong...but that's just how I see things from my particular angle of vision.

BTW this is hype set, anyone have a tracklisting for it?