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Blackberry's Secure BBM Not So Secure

Stop Bill C-10


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They all do it and I can tell you it hasn't won them any substantial gov't contracts. We recently can get apple products for work so now there are options where as BB was once the only game in town.

But really, if a warrant is issued any provider of a service would have to comply, not just BB so it's kind of unfair to single them out


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If you think any method of communication you don't yourself create is "secure" you're fooling yourself. Just accept that Trudeau is PM and he's the greatest, and you'll fit right in, citizen. Don't forget to send the extra cash for being green.

I might also add that it really isn't a "government is evil" thing, as you see right here that it's BB people doing this. I gather that most people would help out if they thought it was a "good" thing, like turning in a child kidnapper etc., but of course "good things" are fungible.
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What's different here is that BB will give up private data to foreign governments without going through our government. No oversight and no transparency. Apple and Google both publish all cases they have done this, BB does not.


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Well ya... BB didn't need the Stasi to... Convince them to say yes. Although they probably got bags of money.
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