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Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ Kool Haus


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i don't usually review concerts on here, but i am still in awe of just how good this show was last night! it was honestly the best concert that i've ever been to in my life. i was completely blown away by the performance. i brought a friend with me who hadn't ever heard them properly, apart from a few tracks i played before i convinced her to go, and she thought they were amazing.

we arrived around 10, and it was literally seconds before they went on. phew! we were able to find a space only a few rows from the front on the left hand side with a perfect view. they played mainly stuff off the new album at the beginning, then both peter and robert came back separately and did a few acoustic songs..."devil's waiting" was absolutely beautiful, almost brought tears to my eyes. then the whole band came back on to do 3 more songs. then they came back for another encore with the house lights back on and asked what the crowd wanted to hear, and played 5 more songs and robert came down into the crowd at the end. they were on for just over 2 hours in total and it was a really good mix of stuff from all 4 albums.

i find it's pretty rare to see a band who gives that much in a performance and who seems to really care about their fans. i heard that in chicago, they had to end their show early cos of curfew laws or something, so they told everyone they would be playing an acoustic set out in the alley afterwards, which i think is one of the coolest things i've ever heard of. they have such a range of different styles of music, and are such talented musicians. i was pretty impressed with their ability to switch between instruments (being that i have no musical talent whatsoever, being able to play guitar, bass and piano pretty much astounds me LOL). not to mention that both peter and robert have such fantastic voices, which you really get a chance to hear with the acoustic stuff. the only thing that would have made it better was if they would have played "rise or fall". ;)

set list:
Took out a loan
Lien on your dreams
*In like the rose
Ain't no easy way
*Weapon of choice
Punk song
Not what you wanted
666 Conducer
Need some air
American X

--Band Leave--
Faultline (Pete acoustic)
Devil's waiting (Pete acoustic)
Mercy (Rob acoustic)

--Full Band--
*Love Burns
All you do is talk

*Six Barrell Shotgun (request)
*Red eyes and tears (request)
*Shuffle your feet
*Spread your love

* - i was particularly excited to hear these :D

ok, enough gushing!!! if you ever have a chance to see them, i would highly recommend it. i know i will never miss them again when they come back to toronto.

and here is a crappy pic of robert levon been from my camera phone:



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ah crap

i've been wanting to see them for a while now
sounds like they put on an amazing show


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Poop, I forgot this was last night.

I was in the latest video and found out about the show then... and then forgot. Whoops.


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Fuck, I really wanted to see this show. I LOVE the new album. LOVE IT. My friend coulda got tickets too, but she was having her birthday party the same night.

FUCK. I'm definitely going the next time they come into town.
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Was searching for details on their show this May 9th at the Kool Haus and it brought up this thread. Then I looked at the set list and died a little inside. That must have been the best show! I was at their last show here at the Phoenix and still label it as my favourite show I've gone to, but to have witnessed that playlist, *sigh*.

Anyways, these guys are back in May and I highly highly recommend you check it out. Proper rock and roll.