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Black Man in Amsterdam


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Hello.....this is your roving reporter Solacevip on location on vacation in wonderful, beautiful Amsterdam.

Um...where to begin? Music of course.

I was able to visit a sweet dance club by the name of Panama on my first night into Amsterdam. Panama is a club that has older patrons. They mostly played tech-house as well as some tribal house. It wasn't as hard hitting as our Toronto scene but, I was able to find familiar grooves while grooving on the dancefloor. The story of the night was actually at it's inception.

We got to the club and my friends forwarned me that we may not get into the club as we were not in the company of females. It is often custom for males to be allowed entry to dance bars only with the presence of a female body! We were able to make it in though, no probs.

As we approached the ticket booth. A gentleman approached me and asked me if I was a DJ. "Um...no..." I explained. He thought that I was a famous DJ, who was undercover. I asked him if he thought that I was Carl Cox (who I happened to see on Wed before leaving). I told him that it is not I, Carl Cox, the famous DJ you seeketh. I explained to him polietly that I was a toursit from Toronto looking to dance the night away to some good beats. At this point he explained that he was the "host" for the night and that I should have this free ticket as his guest.

Shit! No guest list no nothin! A free entry all the way across the Atlantic. All in all the music wasn't bad.....familiar grooves kept me rockin'.

Now on to the other stuff. If you haven't been to Amsterdam be prepared.

#1 Make sure to pack your most comfortable shoes. You will do lots of walking to get to everywhere. That is...unless you rent a bike and you plan on dying on pavement.

#2 Don't buy any drugs on the street. Coffee shops provide lots of beer, pot, coffee, and other fixings. I was amazed at all of the spaces that provide pot by the pound, joint, or seed. So many spaces allow for you to smoke. I was able to meet so many travellers who enjoy sparkin' the doobie.

#3 The red-light district is something to behold! Hey, I'm not into prostitution but this is something to see. Lots of people, men and women, walk the streets looking at women showing their wares in the window. Weird ass shit! A person can lease out the "work" of one of these individual for a price. Lots of other cities have red light districts......lots of dudes pay top coin for the world's oldest profession. There are also lots of other things to buy in regards to sex....DVD's, dildos, live sex shows, sex clothing, etc. Almost makes a dude feel kinda horny :)

#4 Everything here is in Euros. For those who know....Euros is the coin that folks use all throughout Europe. One common currency is needed for all European countries. Consider the Euro to be almost equivalent to the US dollar. Makes things a lot easier.

#5 Beer here is Heinekin or Amstel. Both flow freely from taps. Both can make your ass drunk.

Ok...that's about it for now......sorry about any typos as I am drunk as a skunk. I am having a blast and miss my Toronto peoples. I thought I would check the board and say wassup.

Shout out to: Suke, Par-T, Dora, Jake the Snake, Disco Dancer J and the wonderful Loress.

Damn would it be nice to have my Tribe posse here with me!

Not to worry though.....I will bring home the gold.

Peace Party People
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Oops forgot to mention.

Carl Cox is overweight.
Solacevip is not!

Carl Cox is a DJ!
Solacevip is a listener and a fan.

Carl Cox has a space between his teeth.
Solacevip does not have a space.

Carl Cox makes lots of money.
Solacevip....well....doesn't make that much.

Carl Cox get free flights to Amsterdam.
Solacevip has to pay for his.

Moral of the story?

All of us black people look alike no matter where we go!

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Ahhh pictures you ask!

Well unfortunately I don't have a digital camera. I do have a 35mm one. I have been snapping pictures like crazy. Alas I may have to give you the visual report when I get back.

Not to mention, the crafty and quickly taken pictures of some of the women in the Red Light District. I am not sure how they are going to come out, but as you know, tourists are NOT encouraged to do this. Many of these shops, stores, and windows that contain drug and sex instruments do not want their shop in pictures.

This has made my adventure increasing difficult. Will keep you posted!


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Yeah I got chased by some girls "Pimp" after I took a picture of some windows. You find out quick you are not supposed to take pictures of them haha. Anyhow if you are interested I have a few pics up of the journey :



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ahhh Amsterdam.. how I love thee.

It is one of my most favourite places that I have visited. Not only is it interesting and fun, but it is SO BEAUTIFUL!
Sometime in my near future I will return to you!

Enjoy the rest of your stay!
Let's see some photos when you get back!

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