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Black Light Activists Cosmic Debris!


TRIBE Member
I'm really excited to go to this party! I've never caught one, but the pics I've recieved from friends look amazing! And I've found a friend with fungus to eat!
Anyone else going?

Subsonic Chronic

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I think there's another thread somewhere about this... but I really want to go.

It's been forever since I've been out to a BLA party, or even since I last stomped around to some psy, and this weekend would be a perfect way to get that fix. Not to mention that it's at 99 Sudbury! :)

Massive Passive

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Damn Straight I'm going. Its not everyday these guys do a party especially with someone the calibre of Koxbox plus you have the Sumkidz doing the chill. Perfect combo.


TRIBE Member
yeah thinking about it - probably won't end up going, but it would be ideal for sure - 99, koxbox, bla.

it's got to have been at least 3 years since I've been out to one
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