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Black history month on Much Music


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Hey folks,

I saw a little clip or advertisement for black history month on Much Music, and I was just wondering if someone could help me identify one of the speeches that was used in it. It was a collage of speeches from Martin Luther King, Bob Marley etc. but there was one with someone saying "I AM" then the crowd called it back, then he said "SOMEONE" (and the crowd called it back..you get the point ;) )
I'm not sure if it's a famous speech or what, but if anyone knows what I'm talking about, could you give me any ideas? I've tried looking for "I am someone" speeches but no luck.

Thanks in advance.
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Jesse Jackson:

"I am - Somebody. I may be poor, but I am - Somebody! I may be on welfare, but I am - Somebody! I may be uneducated, but I am - Somebody! I must be, I’m God’s child. I must be respected and protected. I am black and I am beautiful! I am - Somebody! Soul Power!"

Address to Operation Breadbasket rally, 1966.

is this it ?

History Channel has some great programming this month also. I watched a few good programs last night... there was one in particular that was really good on the 761st Tank Battalion and the 'Battle of the Bulge'. Super interesting.


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Ya man, I think that is it!

Thanks a lot!

And ya...history channel has a pretty sweet website too, where you can download all sorts of speeches and videos. I tried looking in there but couldn't find it.

thanks again.

Booty Bits

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this weekend, Nelson Mandela Public School in Regent Park had a big anniversary celebration, and one of the little 6 year old students got up and read a poem that she and her teacher had written together.
funny enough, it was alot like the Jesse Jackson one that patrick posted.
she had this adorable, squeaky voice and was reading really fast because she was nervous.
"i am somebody. i feel like somebody. i act like somebody. aint nobody gonna tell me that i ain't somebody." it had a few verses, that i cant recall word for word, but honestly, it was the sweetest thing in the whole world.
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