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Black Crack Funk Attack


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I got to see Medicine Muffin play at my all vinyl residency at Andy Poolhall. Its kinda weird reviewing a show you promote, but it was awesome and I wasn't there working that night. I've only ever heard dJ Medicine Muffin (Rick) play jungle before. When he went on, I was stunned that he pulled out all this crazy 80s & 90s dance tracks. Normally when I dJ there, 3dJs all rotate every 20mins but when Medicine Muffin when on.... he just took over and decide it was his night. LOL ....He totally killed it and no one could stop him. No one wanted too. Thanks for subbing for me Rick. I'm kinda glad the show I was supposed to go to got canceled. I still can't get the Duran Duran Rio (remix) out of my head.... All and all a great night :) #vinylrules and so does medicine muffin.

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Sept 2013 photos

We placed an ad in tribe last month (Sept).
Here are some photos taken that night.
Its not much of a review but pictures worth a 1000s words.

Maybe some of you were in attendance?
If so .. you can view them all here.

Thanks for coming. It was a great night.



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We were ThanksGivin' it at the last BlackCrackFunkAttack. Our night has slowing been evolving musically as we expand our vinyl collection.. dJ James StBass warmed up the night playing disco funk and some classic 80s & 90s tunes which really moved the lovely milfs in-da-house that night. I've been growing my booty house collection and was mixing that with my favourite breakbeats. dJ Ghaleon closed out the night with his amazing oldskool ragga collection. It was a full on night of vinyl music.

Here's some pics from that night. .

If you want to join us one day,keep watching the upcoming events section of tribe.
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