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Black Coffee at CODA an epic taste of South Africa


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Wow, what an amazing night. We arrived at CODA as Nick Holder was midway through his set, warming the crown up with some excellent house. There were a lot of Africans there - you could tell by the African jewelry accessories, the African print fabric caps and clothing scattered in the crowd.

Black Coffee came on at 1 and began dropping track after track of drummy goodness, and included guitar notes from Beatenberg's Pluto (an anthem in South Africa) across heavy drum instrumentals which lit up the crowd.

Throughout the night, Africans spontaneously began forming circles on the packed dance floor and doing their version of breakdancing - a kind of gumboot dancing/vogueing combo, using their entire bodies, lit up by surrounding people's cellphone flashlights. Fantastic to watch the pure joy in music being spontaneously expressed like that.

I have never danced so much in years! What a fantastic night.

When Black Coffee comes back to Toronto, make a point to catch him.
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Shit, I was there as well. It was definitely a positive and fun vibe and the dance circles were awesome. I didn't get home until 6am, though I stayed at coda only until about 4? :S


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I was at this show and agree - all the Africans from Toronto seemed to descend on the club and have a blast. Black Coffee was mixing up a storm - prolonged mixes the kind of which you just don't see anymore. Awesome to see a DJ do his thing, with no BS posturing. Fun night out
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I honestly didn't even know who was playing there and I did not hear about Black Coffee until now. A friend of mine was all "Yo we're going to CODA for some deep house night." and I went, stood in line, someone bribed a bouncer, we got in, paid way more than the advertised price, but it was totally worth it. Such a fun night.


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my friend bailed last minute and i didn't fee like flying solo

i caught black coffee at sunnyside. off the hook.

Africa is keeping house real.

how much was cover at the door?