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Black and Blue

Discussion in 'Event Reviews' started by Guest, Oct 11, 2001.

  1. Guest

    Guest Guest

    I know it's late in the week to finally report on Black and Blue, but I -just- got access to the Internet again.

    What a surreal night. I arrived with a crew of 4, but I was hoping to run into 4 different circles of friends among the 10s of thousands in attendance. Unbelievably, I found everyone over the course of the 12 hours I was there.

    Olympic Stadium was decked out nicely. The theme this year was '01 Origine...and they set the place up to look like early civilization. There were candles everywhere, sand on the ground, huge rock boulders, lined up and stacked up.

    It was cold. In fact, I've never been colder while raving/dancing/clubbing/doing anything requiring movement. After checking the place out when we arrived, I tried to get near the middle of the floor, where massive body heat was enough to stave off the freeze. The only drawback being sweat-smears from topless and huge gayboys. Scantilly-clad go-go/pro dancers lined stages around the centre, and huge screens played everything from "sponsered by..." ads to movies of different cultures' people dancing. There were some shows, but my friends said they weren't as elaborate as years past.

    My mental state wasn't so hot at first...I'd driven all night that day to get to Montreal, and hadn't really slept. My girlfriend and I were breaking up earlier, and like I said - I was cold. When we had to escape the intense trancey ups and downs, the only recluse was a huge fucking freezing chill-out room with little/no places to sit. So we sat on a big wooden log, with a cop sitting 2' away, talking to a girl who didn't look in good shape. Things at this point weren't very good. But they got better.

    Later I was waiting for Monika by the washroom, and I heard Papau New Guinea screaming through the stadium. She couldn't have taken longer, because of the huge line there, but when we finally got down, went straight to the booth and saw Tomeii playing live for the rest of PNG and 1 more. That was it. The DJ I'd gone to see was seen for uh, 10 minutes. Shit. Next up was Saeed and Palash, who I'd never seen before. I was expecting a progressive set, but they laid down some epic trance tracks. I only ever saw one of them in the 'booth' at a time...I thought they worked together?

    Anyway, I spent their set dancing around the room, running into different friends, always to their and my surprise. There were some beauuuuutiful people in there. And some crazy costumes too. I remember telling people I'd be wearing Black and Blue thinking nobody really did that. My colour choice basically caused me to be swallowed up by the masses, cuz man, we were all in black and blue. Cool.

    Alain Vinet and Stephane Gaudet (I think that was his name) came on and tag-teamed the best set of the night. I managed to get a seat 2 feet from Alain, raised up on one of the stone blocks. He kept smiling at me, asking how it was...nothing beat giving him a "raise it up" kinda motion, and hearing him drop this "BOOM" beat that pulverized the place. Their set was just what Montreal is about - soulful, steady house music. Nobody else raised the energy like they did. We all got dancing like mofos in no time. The last track really hyped the place up. I don't know the track title but it's got the line "where do we go from here, time ain't nothing but time". Anyway, the track started, and the vocals were slightly different, as the sheets in the middle of the floor lowered to expose the actual singer of the song. That was so cool, and she sang it with amazing conviction. She looked like I imagine those old gospel women from the deep south, like Louisiana.

    Very cool. Saw Tre from the Lofters at the end of the night, at noon monday. Didn't sleep, and then went to Stereo for Victor Calderone and Jack Chad. Victor as usual blew the fucking roof off the place. We all went ape for him, and I danced on the riser for about 4 straight hours. As consistent DJs go, I've never been as impressed by someone was Victor C. Wow.

    Stereo was open from 5pm monday till 11am tuesday. We were there dancing non-stop from 6:30pm till 2:30am.

    20 hours of dancing in 26. A new record has been set, and I had one of the craziest weekends of my life. My calves are absolutely killing me, even today.

    The weekend might have been a top 5 if Clive Henry at System friday didn't suck donkey dick.

  2. TheVibe

    TheVibe TRIBE Member

    Holy Shit does that sound awesome.

    The party crowd in Montreal is always out of control. It's too bad you can't throw similar large scale parties in T.O. and pull a big enough/good enough crowd.
  3. RJ45

    RJ45 TRIBE Member

    Josh you are hard core brother. [​IMG]
  4. Deep_Groove

    Deep_Groove TRIBE Member

    I was there at Black and Blue.

    It was AWESOME. I left at 11:00 AM and it was still packed. DAMN! When did you leave Tearer?

    P.S. That track you were talking about is called "Finally" by Kings of Tomorrow (not sure what mix though, there's a whole bunch).

    When did the woman sing it? I didn't see that at all.
    The original vocalist in the track is Julie McKnight. Was it her??? DAMN how could I have missed that???!!!!

    Highlights of the night:

    - Being in a room with tens of thousands of crazy people of all types GOING OFF!

    - The production values (around 1-1:30 am, pairs of men on risers around the circumference of the stadium pretended to hit these HUGE gongs with these long metal poles. A MASSIVE "GOOONNNNGGGGGG" sound followed coming out of the speakers, after which Satoshi Tomiie dropped this craaazy dark vocal which led into "The Strong Rhythm" <- what a wicked tribal track

    - The Stereomovers performance (I think) - a woman "singing" wordlessly (more like ululating) to a wild track and a live violinist on a rising central stage

    - Pills with very high MDMA content

    - Seeing and partying with Dr. Trance

    - The people I went with were ANIMALS! and we all got along

    Drawbacks of the night:

    - Not enough androgynous/wildly costumed/creatively dressed people

    - Not enough gay guys who DIDN'T conform to the shirtless/muscle man look

    - Not enough social mixing of the different types of people

    - The music was really good but not that magical world-changing NEXT LEVEL that you kinda expect from this kind of party. Really heavy progressive house without much variation until 7 am or so when the more housey/circuity stuff came on with Alain Vinet/Stephan Grondin.

    - Total time of friends being lost somewhere in the crowd was longer than total time partying WITH them.

    But overall...good times. How could someone NOT have a good time at something like this??? [​IMG]

    - Deep_Groove
  5. The Magical White Isle

    The Magical White Isle TRIBE Member

    Indeed. One day, we'll party hardcore together, once we meet I suppose. There aren't many people who can keep up. [​IMG] I think me and one of my boyz (what up dogg?!) could definitely keep up wit'cha! This summer, we lasted 1pm-6am at a club where we saw Lawler, Carl Cox, Satoshi Tomeii & Sasha all in one shot. Ah, the memories.

    To some up my thoughts on your review and Montreal I need only one word....


    -if you've lived there you know what I am talking about
  6. miguel

    miguel TRIBE Member

    man.. i keep missing these.. i am definately going to have to go next year
  7. Cheeka

    Cheeka TRIBE Member

    He sure is [​IMG]
    This kid is on a tear!!!

    Welcome back to the t.dot sweetie [​IMG] - so good to have you back...
  8. Guest

    Guest Guest

    It's too bad you had to check out at 11am. The place shut down with house lights on at noon. In fact, the last hour was my favorite part of the night. I guess that was Julie McKnight because her voice was unmistakably the same voice that sings the recorded version. It was so weird, because she waited a few bars before breaking into the first verse. But the anticipation was so fun, and watching the crowd turn from facing Vinet to gathering around her in the middle was hilarious. She had a huge mink coat on, glasses and was reading her lines from a teleprompter. My guess is that she doesn't play live very often. But she looked elegant, and was smiles all up and down.

    So her song was the last track of the night....probably started at around 11:50am. Once she finished Alain teased us with the first 15 seconds of the recorded version of Finally. Then that was it. Mind you, coat check and rounding up about 15 people took more than half an hour.

    And then we went to the Village for lotsa pitchers! That was an adventure in itself. Anyone been to New Date? Sketchiest, funniest clientele I have ever encountered in a bar. It's on Ste. Catherines. I've only ever been after clubbing - re. early afternoon.

    Have a sweet weekend y'all!

    I'm going to Fever tonight. Magical White Isle - come on down - we'll chill!

  9. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Thanks Cheeks! Tearin' up the dance floor this weekend? I'll be in TO saturday. Call me!

  10. Tech_Head_Rob

    Tech_Head_Rob TRIBE Member

    i love livin' in MTL!!!
    I leave at a party at 9am here and people wonder why i'm taking off so soon! [​IMG]

    that being said...i would hardly characterize Black & Blue as a 'rave' or anything that has to do with the 'scene'.More of a gay-pride concert than anything else. But glad to hear you guys had fun.
    Come visit le Marie-Ville again soon

    -tech care-
  11. The Magical White Isle

    The Magical White Isle TRIBE Member

    I'd love to bro, but my living in Montreal days are no longer. [​IMG] A 5 hour drive to go to Fever is tough to pull off unfortunately. Are you in Montreal permanently again? I keep reading that you are going back and forth from Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton all the time. I'd like to chill at some point, fo'sho! I go into Montreal often enough that something can be arranged, I am sure. Otherwise in T.O. we'll hook up. Nick Warren @ System this Friday night man, it's going to be off the hook. Where will you be?
  12. Guest

    Guest Guest

    Wait, you don't live in Montreal, but Fever is a 5 hour drive? Where the hell are -you-!

    I'm currently living in Hamilton. I will be at Nick Warren on Friday, already taken care of. Drop me a personal email and we'll figure out how to meet up.

    Moving back to Montreal early next year at the looks of things. I miss it already.

  13. Sassy

    Sassy TRIBE Member

    I am considering doing the same - been back in T.O. for less then two years, thought I would get used to it by now - there is just no city like Montreal. I miss it like crazy as well!
  14. Tech_Head_Rob

    Tech_Head_Rob TRIBE Member

    damn straight!

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