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Black and Blue


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Wish I could of gone - for those who went, how was it?

suppose you're all still either partying or in recovery right now :p


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it was fun...
it was absolutely massive...
the sound was surprisingly good...
maybe 10-12000 people i would guess...
tenaglia was (unfortunately just) ok, (the remix of gypsy woman was wicked, although the break was a bit drawn out and mixing into that was 2 months off - underworld, that was nice to hear---wtf was up with that track that sounded like a long burp?????)
chus & ceballos were good...
montreal (and more specifically the B&B event) had the hottest and skinniest chicks in canada (although they dressed up ultra skanky at B&B)...
not too friendly a crowd...(maybe the mo's didnt like the straight boys and girls? :p )
still had a great time :D



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I had an amazing night...rolled in at around 2:30 and was blown away by the setup. The lighting and scaffolding,the decor...phenomenal. For a jaded 11 year veteran that doesn't happen too often...was like stepping into my first rave ever al over again! I felt bad for Mat St. Marie playing in the "other room"....was basically a DJ setup in a hallway with some crappy speakers trying to provide music. Sounded like he was pumping out some good tunes but no one there to listen....
Music all night i found to be up and down...and i mean everything in between too. Hated some of it...LOVED others..
C&C are never favorites of mine so no surprise with them but Tenaglia dissapointed me a little. I had never heard him somehow and after hearing so many rave reviews for so many years about "the DJ's DJ" maybe my expectations were too high. Sometimes his mixes sounded off but that can be just from my wanderings...some spots sounded better than others. His track selection was hit and miss for me though..loved loved loved some of it, especially all the old classics....and hated some. Too many breakdowns and moments leaving standing on the dancefloor waiting for him to kick it up again. Don't get me wrong...still danced pretty much all night!
Beautiful people all around, lots of smiling faces!
All in all GREAT night...best B&B ever for me! Hats of to the BBCM for pulling off an amazing party!

why not

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saw on the news that 20 people were arrested on drug charges at a 'rave' at the stadium in montreal.
i guess circuit parties are the closest thing left to a rave.


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What an amazing weekend!

We arrived at Olympic Stadium just after 1am. After a thorough search and the long and winding journey to centre field, we had arrived into what seemed to be the biggest pinball machine you could ever imagine. No sooner was I able to catch my breath from the sheer overwhelmingness of everything, Chus and Ceballos were introduced. Perfect timing :)

I really enjoyed C&C's set. They definitely banged it out quite nicely. DT came on around 4am, and while I do agree he was up and down, he TOTALLY made up for it for playing every track I would ever want to hear at a party that massive. He played Age of Love, Safe from Harm, 2 months Off, Ways of Love, that crazy White Rabbit mix he played on Canada Day at Boa, Rui De Silva's Touch Me and sooo many more. The highlight for me though was he played Sapphire Cut's Free Your Mind as I was standing on the balcony over looking the thousand of people dancing below. We left at about 12pm just after he played Loa's Theme which was the perfect track to end our morning :)

The crowed was the most diverse mix of people I've ever partied with. Gay, Straight, young, old (I saw a couple of dancin' grandmas), ravers, clubbers, trannys, YOU NAME IT. Loads of hoochy boys and girls decked out in fishnets, spandex, leather and PVC every where you looked. The skanks were defiantly out in full effect! I didn't encounter too much attitude even when I tried to break out my pathetic excuse for french :D

The porto-potties were totally nasty, but when are they not. I got such a kick out of overhearing this leathered up bear say (in a femmy voice) "I think somebody forgot to flush" I then said to him "I think EVERYBODY forgot to flush, PEE-YEW!". Good times.

Black and Blue is definitely a party like no other. I'm so glad I was able to go.


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overall it was a great nite

C&C didn't impress me much but then again, i didn't expect them too. They definitely filled the role of a circuit party.

DT had all the athems, new and old, and yes, the sound did differ around the room and i'm sure the slapback from that place isn't quite the same as the docks or boa. The booth also was not centred so I'm sure that affects performance.

the lights were SICK! aside from all the coloured spot lights (mebbe 8 around each of the 5 platforms)and the ones up on the scaffolds, that main panel next to the booth...must have been 20ft high by 40ft...wow.....WOW...

definitely lots of folks there that had gone OUT w/ their appearance for this occasion...the queens were in full effect....

was it a great B&B? YES! was it a great DT performance? No. He had much better sets @ the docks and @ boa but this one definitely catered to different audience. I still had loads of fun as he can throw down the same track over and over and still make it sound different and interesting each time.


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I waited a while for this one, so here it is. B&B was a wicked experience. Chus and Ceballos started it off pretty tribally and Tenaglia, well DT is always good. Definitely not his best set but who cares when partying with 10,000 people. Finally I heard his white rabbit remix from Boa Canada day. S, V and M, couldn't have wanted a better group, you guys did it for me. I'm the better cook guy! What a blast. For anyone who hasn't been try it once. For now, keep cool.


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Originally posted by justhouse
S, V and M, couldn't have wanted a better group, you guys did it for me.
I couldn't agree more. From the beginning until the end, we were all totally up for it and ready to have the time of our life. Mission accomplished :D

I miss our loft!


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wow... can't believe I missed this again! oh well... Bal En Blanc here I come!

hey Deevah... I'm heading to LKF for the Rio festival tonight ;)