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BLA @ Zen (Funhaus)


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First time at a BLA and it was an really nice vibe. Everyone was certainly into the music, and the decor was true to the name. I felt out of place unless my face was covered in blacklight reactive paint.
Droidlock was really good, the crowd was obviously there to see HIM. I went up the to front and the floor was shaking, I swear, it felt like we were going to end up in the Shopper's underneath the club. It was great!
The back room was a sort of trippy regge inspired trance, and they decked out the room with old fringed carpets and pictures of temples, totally felt like a hippy crash pad, v. nice. It was also the place I saw THE most amazing liquid dancer I have ever witnessed. He looked like he was made of rubber. James, if you read tribe, you need to know you rock.
Good times
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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As always, a standard-setting event from the BLA crew... more proof as to why people should be paying more attention to the psychedelic underground in Toronto.