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BLA- Archaic Revival Sept.22


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I get to be first-but methinks that not too many peeps care here nwayz-oh well, I just wanna give out kudos out to another fun party! Decor transformed the bar setting(a location I was a apprehensive about at first) to another planet, peeps were the usually friendly, nutty crowd(me included). Good to see the old faces, and meet new ones- Graver & Bathori, Ewan & co... Raging Granny grower(sorry I forgot your name..)

The music overall wasn't what I usually expect from this group-pretty darn uninteresting-but mebbe that's supposed to be the 'archaic' part, as I've only recently started listening to Goa, etc. The techtrance in the AM by the headliner was ok, but I really, really wanted to hear Goa with screams and yells and guitars-oh well. Had fun anyway!
See ya at Analog Pussy!
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Subsonic Chronic

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Gotta agree with just about everything you had to say.

A pretty decent party, AMAZING decor! I'm always in awe of how much effort the BLA crew puts into decorations. It's really easily to suspend your beliefs and convince yourself that you're in some sort of spaceship or some other completely new world.

But the music was kind of lacking...
Maybe my hopes of actual *goa* are a bit high at BLA events, but even a headliner who doesn't trainwreck every once in a while would be a nice treat.
Some of tracks were pretty decent, but there was a lot of really bland, standing-around-trying-to-think-of-something-else type tunes that just bored me in between the good ones. I didn't get that at all at their last party where Wizzy Noise was headlining, they were completely solid. And when you're dancing, even if it's to a kind of boring tune, and the mix goes all pear-shaped, it takes while a while to get back into that groove.

I guess that's why I ended up leaving relatively early, before 4:30 I'm pretty sure.

I had fun though... and it was nice to be in a new venue. It's too bad I can't make it to analogue Pussy next week.



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Well the music itself wasn't too overwhelmingly amazing. It was way too stompy and just plain dull for the most part, with barely any melodies/harmonys... boring, to say the least.

but the decorations were friggen awesome, BLA never disapoints with their black light art, and this time it was just so beautiful.

Although I kind of knew to go without high expectations I was still disapointed that even the headliner couldn't beat match so well....

I still had an amazing time, because of the perfect amount of friends, and the lovely people there (oh goa girls....

~ Johane


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Decor: wicked.. probably the best arwork i've ever seen at a goa/psy event.

Location: nice and inconspicuous.. perfect size for the amount of peeps.

Energy: was definately there.. most everyone dancing

Music: all minimal psy.. good at times, bland at others.. however it didn't bother me.. there's a heavy dose of full on goa comin at R351570R!

Cheap Ego

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I had a wicked time just like every other BLA party, and I thought the music was good. It's all a question of taste, right?

Personally, I prefer the stompy noisy minimal stuff. IMO trance has passed its maturity stage, there are few things left to do with melodies that'll really knock people off their feet. Sure there are still gems that get released, but when searching for music I'm finding it harder and harder to sift through the enourmous amount of melodically bland tracks.

On the flipside, producers have only begun to explore the use of 'white space', innovative rhythms and other elements found in minimal.

As far as it being dull, I find that the less catchy stuff, while not making you jump up and dance in an instant, puts you in way more of a spell/hypnosis once you do get into it. There's a more fulfilling feeling about it. Even a bit of a feeling of exclusivity, kind of like getting a joke that no one else gets.

But as always, to each their own, right?

Pete - too bad I won't see you at Resistor. I had a good time with ya at the last one. That song I was telling you about on saturday is S-Range: Morning Star. Chekitoot!
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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by basic:
Ah yes Reilly's - I have spent many a drunken night there! It would have been weird but cool to see it all BLA'd up

Aww! Pete-ya gave it away!.....
Where was your ass anywho, Kevin?


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they never said it was a goa party
"psychedelic tech-trance" is the buzz on that...

when will someone start doing some more actual goa events?
the people obviously want them...
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