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this was one of those amazing shows that reminded me why Iam in the music industry. Not only was the venue perfect ( I hope they use it more next summer) but Bjork blew me away. I got in free 'cuz I was photographing the show ( I will post photos tomorrow) and feel so lucky that I had a chance to see the show, that I would have not normally gone to.
Ive heard plenty of Bjork songs a thousand times but never really got it until seeing her live.WOW.

Booty Bits

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that was one of the greatest live music experiences of my entire life.
i had NO idea this concert was going to be so incredible.

the venue was gorgeous and surprisingly well run. we got to the island with zero hassle, to be greeted by an unbelievably long line. thankfully it moved really quickly and steadily and we got in and set up camp early.
kid koala played a great set. it was perfect for that crowd and had a nice mix of recognizable crowd pleasers with aural experimentation.
bonnie prince billie was nice but a bit too mellow for my mood.

as we waited for bjork, i lay down on our picnic blanket and looked up at the night sky. there was one lone star peaking out from some clouds so i said "wish i may, wish i might, first star i see tonight, have the wish i wish tonight - please let Bjork play Hunter and Joga"
her first song, she played Hunter. it was so beautiful - i thought that was going to be the highlight of the show. no way!
her 3rd song was Joga - so already i'm the happiest girl in the world.
imagine my brain exploding when the song crescendos into exploding fireball pyrotechnics on stage, coupled with huge fireworks behind the stage, seemingly firing to the music.

i would have been more than happy to pack up right then and come home... i was so overwhelmed. but no! the show just got better and better with every song.

i have NEVER witnessed a more expertly programmed set - the whole concert flowed so naturally, with Bjork singing soft, quiet songs with only a harpsichord backing her, to these enormous spectacles with pyro and fireworks and epileptic lighting totally overwhelming all your senses.

it was so incredible - i know i'm gushing and i'm still not coming close to explaining the magic we witnessed on Olympic Island tonight.

thank you Bjork.
and thank you to my dear friend sara who gave me a ticket out of the kindness of her heart.


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rescue me from levelheadness...

what an amazing experience...
musically bjork took us on a journey -- juxtaposing sweet orchestral melodies and vocals with dark pulsing beats.

and visually, i was... overwhelmed.
from the first dramatic release of fireworks at the end of "joga" where i thought my heart might explode with joy to the computer generated phoetus on screen that accompanied "my snare", i was entranced.

heard a couple of songs i haven't heard before ~ anyone recognize the one with those fish-like creatures onscreen?? it was so beautiful.

i couldn't believe the raunchy remix of "our hands". and the visuals that wouldn't let me blink!! felt like i was watching 'the ring' or something! so intense it totally moved me!!! the last time bjork toured 2 years ago she had a choir of inuit children singing backup to that one... goes to show ~ you never know quite what to expect with a bjork performance, except that you'll be blown completely away.
all is full of love

tekno princess

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the pyrotechnic pixie definitely did not disappoint...

an attempt to describe a björk show would almost diminish the experience (sufficed to say, i was totally mesmerized by her enchanting stage presence...)

kid koala was dope (as always) ...fuk, that "kid" could scratch anything and make it sound amazing... (track id for my brutha nesta: the cure track he was cutting up about 15 minutes into his set?)

such an incredible evening of music... and, as if that weren't enough, i was able to enjoy it with some very cool ppl (to the angel who saved my ass at union station: i owe u one doll)
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tekno princess

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Originally posted by Booty Bits
it was so incredible - i know i'm gushing and i'm still not coming close to explaining the magic we witnessed on Olympic Island tonight.
i think u did a pretty good job: nice review liz! :)


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WOW ... how good was that?! I think I used that countless times last night. Easily the best concert of the summer, and one of my top five of all time for sure. My god it truly was a special event. I still can't believe it all.

Getting there wasn't a problem at all, showed up and pretty much walked right onto a ferry that was waiting (we barely made it on that one). The line for searches was long but moved very very quickly. From my house to planting our asses down on the grass in under an hour. It's amazing also how many people you run into at events like this, and people that you never thought would be at Bjork. Friends from back in high school and even before, no one wanted to miss this. Her fan base is really all over the map, I love that!

So we ran into Liz, Jane, Sarah and Steve who had picked out a wicked spot left center of the stage (if you were sitting in the audience) right next to that wheel chair ramp thing which proved to be very valuable later on. Got our blankets down and chilled for a while. Got food early on with no lineup at all.

Kid Koala played an ok set, it was perfect for the crowd at large though I'm sure. "I'm very nervous." Bonnie Prince Billie was very mellow and folk rocky, I was digging some of their stuff but I think more for the fact that I was just anticipating the musical orgasm that was about to happen. Oh the food line was now a lot longer as I got stuck doing a second food run that last 25 minutes, grrr to that.

Got back and chilled for a bit more while Bjork was being setup. That's when we took advantage of the wheelchair ramp thingy. Don't worry everyone that needed to use it was using it much in front of us :) So we had a wicked spot sitting on the rails above the heads of everyone. So even though we weren't that close we had a perfect view of everything.

Sarah totally called it and said that "Hunter" would be first. I was really doubting it would be, but alas it was .... and it was spectacular. Everything was spectacular. I really wanted to hear Joga, and did I ever. So amazing and then the fireworks going off during it! I'm not one to cry much at all, but I was honestly really close to it. Hyper-ballad was also amazing, you just knew the buildup was coming and that she was totally going to blow the roof off of that song near the end.

Her live performances even changed my opinion on some of the songs. I wasn't the biggest fan of Isobel but how could you not fall in love with it after that performance. All of Bjork's musical background on stage was amazing as well. The orchestra, the harp, and the stone walker, everything! How cute is her little voice as well "thank you" my god. I would have paid to just hear her say that over and over again. Also when they said fireworks I was expecting some little lame cannon shots to go off after the last song, was I ever wrong! There was a ton of them used very well through a number of different songs. It added just a bit more to a truly magical evening.

Getting home was a bitch that was to be expected though. I think we caught the third ferry out of there. There was still a ton of people behind us as well. Doesn't matter nothing could have ruined that evening after that musical adventure we were just on. SO GOOD. Longest review ever ... I'll just end it with a few photos that didn't turn out at all, oh well. That doesn't really matter though because in my head these memories will stay forever.

Jane getting some bum action from Liz :eek:

The stage from our spot, a bit of Sara and Jane as well

Fire is cool


More fireworks
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Originally posted by Booty Bits
her 3rd song was Joga - so already i'm the happiest girl in the world.
imagine my brain exploding when the song crescendos into exploding fireball pyrotechnics on stage, coupled with huge fireworks behind the stage, seemingly firing to the music.

i found this overwhelmingly beautiful - got totally choked up.

what a perfect show.


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Yeah i must say i am still in awe of the show from last night i shake my head as a bjork song plays in my head and think to myself damn i was like 30 feet away from her lastnight watching her and listening to her.. damn!!!

Yep we managed to squesh to the very front (being small has some advantages) I was a little dissapointed by how stiff the crowd seemend... no one dancing people just standing- ok i admitt i was pretty mezmerized to by her but damn when i started to shake my botty i would get bad looks like i was disrupting things... fukers... so eventually we went out on to the grass where i was free to dance.... still not a lot of people dancing.. i would have thought that having the concert at such an open space would have encouraged people to be a little more expressive --- oh wait thats right we live in Toronto.

Part from that yeah she was awesome looking a l ittle older - but still cute & crazy as a button on my grandmas sweater.

The fireworks were the best damn fireworks i have seen since benson and hedges we definatly got all our $70 worth of entertainment.

We started to book it during her encore... we got to see and hear everything while we walked and then slowly started to run then sprint to the boat, got on the first one and watched all the suckers herded like sheep in line from the boat. ;)

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; ) sorry i didn't go too!

This is a review by my friend Jason about the night:

"It was an absolutely gorgeous artistic production with an artist that has nothing but class and creativity to burn! Julie was 'dead on' when she said that despite the crowd and everything, Bjork still seemed to be the happiest person there that night.
Never would I have imagined the experience turning out like that. At one point, there she was, dancing like a robot all stiff like, and the beats in the background like old Herbie Hancock slipping underneath the strings who just sensualised everything else, voice pealing out; and I thought to myself for some reason that it felt like what 80's new wave was like, IN THE EIGHTIES! for the first time in my life, maybe I understood that age a bit better, or maybe that 'wee garl' on stage just glorifies anything she tries.
Anyone who performs with strings and pyro, yes even the hair bands, usually rocks the crowd. But there was a 'raffinement', a sweet subtlety that Bjork evokes, really it was a generous performance on her part, which is rare with recording artists these days. I didn't feel ripped off by $75, au contraire, these prices were jacked up not by anything else but the economy of love and fleeting beauty. Go see her. JJOR"


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hands down one of the best shows, if not THE best, i've ever been to. much of the great stuff has already been posted so i'll just talk about the highlights for me--
the space: kudos to the organizers, we had little hassle getting there and moving around and the venue was gorgeous.
the energy: bjork was in a good mood; her quirky dance moves and adorable "sank you"s concluding most of her performances made me want to put her in my pocket and take her home.
the set:
joga literally brought me to tears. once the pyrotechnics and fireworks started up i really almost lost it; it was one of the most beautiful experiences ever.
hyperballad and isobel also blew me away, but not as much as her finale of Pluto. i literally thought i was going to lose my mind between the needling hardcore beats, the frenetic pace of the string orchestra, and the pyros, fireworks and lights all going mental at the same time. i also loved the version she did of "it's in our hands"-- SO GOOD.
thanks so much to my crew for sharing this with me (steve, liz, jane, andrew)-- and to those of you who missed it, missed out HUGE.


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I couldn't swing it because of work, my friend had to sell my ticket and now I want to cry.

I have never been able to see her live and the reviews of this show are incredible.

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the venue was beautiful. i got a great spot near the front and saw the whole show perfectly. her set in toronto seemed a bit shorter than the one i saw in nyc two weeks ago, but I can't complain about that. my only complaint was that the crowd was so different from the one in nyc. when she got half way through the set in new york (to the dancey stuff), the crowd lost it. the entire venue turned into a huge party with EVERYONE dancing. i just didn't see that in toronto - which really surprised me because when she started playing "its in our hands", most everyone around me seemed as though they were dead....which was odd, because that had to have been the most phenomenal song i've ever experienced live.....

but it was still a great concert. luckily her tour is now finished, because i'd be tempted to travel to another city to see it yet again....


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That show was absolutely amazing. Bjork sucked me in, hypnotized me and then completely awe and shocked my ass. Pluto left me wondering if someone had slipped an E in my drink. Great show, great space, great crowd, great day.


You had spaces in between the img address and the tags that time - I think that is the problem above (although my img's are turned off so maybe someone else can confirm)?
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The best live show I've EVER seen.


Add everyone elses posts together and that's what I want to say but I have no words to accurately express how amazing that was.



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WOW, WOW, WOW! without a doubt the single greatest music event i have ever had the pleasure of attending. bjork and her 8 piece orchestra blew my mind! from epic ambient pieces to deep house and techno, i heard all of it in some form or another. last night she gave something back to her fans and music in general. it's not often that an artist will put so much thought and effort into making an event truly remarkable. what an experience! many thanks go out to all of the people that made last night extra special - you all know who you are. thanks again! :)


what a great way to kick off my vacation!


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oh, kid koala was wicked as usual... from funk and blues to tears for fears and radiohead, he chopped and scratched his way through it all. i quite liked bonnie prince billie and his accordian player as well... pure folk rock.


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bjork was busting out the cutest lil dance moves ever! i'm sorry, i can't get over last nigt, and as the day goes by, last night is coming back to me.
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