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Bjork show


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We opted for cheaper seats and we -were- quite far away and high up. But. The show was such a thrill. Bjork as always was adorable and spirited, and such a presence. The female choir and throat singer were awesome, the orchestra was perfect, Matmos and the harpist just added to the gorgeous sounds. I was so happy I went...I don't think I'll ever hear Bjork in a place with such good acoustics again.

The first part concentrated on "Vespertine" and "Dancer In The Dark." The band played the film's overture first...I don't have my own copy of "Vespertine" but I recognized a few of the songs, namely:

-It's Not Up To You
-Hidden Place
-Cocoon (I think?)
-Generous Palmstroke

She also did "I've Seen It All" from DITD and "Pagan Poetry" from "Vespertine" in the second half. After the intermission, she concentrated on older stuff like:

-Army Of Me
-Venus As A Boy
-You've Been Flirting Again (I believe translated into Icelandic)

The encore was "Human Behaviour" and a new song called "Our Hands" where everyone on stage clapped, and some of the audience clapped along.

The audience was quite electic, and respectful but appreciative (bet the Hummingbird has never had so much yelling and "woowoo"-ing during a show). However, I was quite unimpressed with the loud people behind me who were talking and laughing throughout most of the show. I didn't pay $55 to hear them make fun of the people on stage (and why they did, I do not understand).

Bjork didn't say much beyond introducing the band, but she danced, and wore two different dresses...first a variation of the swan dress, and then an Alexander McQueen red gown with a skirt of feathers and a top made of microscope slides (you can read about it at bjork.com).

Besides the talky people behind me, my only complaint was that I thought the tour t-shirts were ugly.

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glad you enjoyed the show jen

i was unable to get tix and blowing my money on scalped tix didn't sound good so i stayed home...
can't believe i missed isobel...
one of my faves



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What a marvelous night at the opera. But instead of an old chick singing in Italian about unrequited love with the local butcher, it was the one and only Icelandic princess. And she put out an amazing show full of techno attitude and musical artistry.

The highlight for me was definitely the performance of Play Dead, a very rare single. And one of my favourite Bjork songs. And Isobel was true to its form because it was backed by an amazing Canadian orchestra. Because I play(ed) French Horn for 10 years, I kept fantasizing that I was in the pit.

Matmos fucked up some of the music though but they made up for it by changing into really cheesy athletic junpsuits you would find at a tourist store on Yonge Street. The harpist was wonderful and the choir was surprisingly good. Although I wasn't too fond of the lead "breather" girl because I don't like anyone trying to outdo Bjork.

I don't think I've ever seen so many artsy people in the entire universe. It looked like a fashion show during intermission. The place was filled with a young well-kept artsy crowd who all looked like they were important somehow. Did these people crawl out from under rocks to the concert? Where are they otherwise?

She began with Frosti, a music box number, where she sat under falling feathers and the lights dimmed. She then went into the video version of All is Full of Love and my heart jumped. Army of Me was pounding and I was So disappointed that I couldn't get up to dance to Hyperballad.

And of course, leave it to Bjork to wear my favourite Alexander McQueen dress from his "Insane Asylum" haute couture show.

I can't say it was better than the Warehouse show though since I got up front near the stage and it was more intense. But this show was way more refined and the acoustics of the place complemented her voice which was the best I have ever heard.

I'd like to thank Sara for the hookup and her friend Mark for selling it to me. I would have SO regretted it if I didn't go.

My complaint was the guy two seats down who got fed up with the guy behind him clapping and spat on him. I knew that that guy was a nutcase as soon as I saw him. I mean, go to the Family Values Tour, bud.