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i'll be there with bells on. it'll be all about DJ Muthfuckin' Dan


p.s. i'm lovin that edit key.


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Here is my schedule, sure to be broken by 11:03.

-Arrive around 11:00

-Straight to side room for Satori followed by Jelo until 01:00

-Enter main room to check Andy C and see what all the hype is about. Decide I still can't get into jungle at 01:17

-Proceed to back room for Tim and Myka until 02:00

-Return to main room for the remainder of the party.

There really should be an afterparty.

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damn straight!!!!! my whole original crew is gonna be down with this one. woo hoo. haven't partied with them in ages. plus, looking forward to partying with the tbk in attendance (you should all listen to the voice in your head telling you to come back early from the cottage :D ) hoping to meet some new faces.

plus, andy fucking c!!!!!!!!

see y'all sat.


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as if I'd miss a party like this!

I think we should have a Tribe meet up. I haven't seen you in forever DEEP!


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I shall also be attending :) It shall be quite an excellent time! S'all bout Misstress Barbara and Andy C!!!
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i think i told half the freaking planet that i'm planning to go.....see you between 11-12 in room 2 deep?

Smiley Jo

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Bouncing off the walls!

If anyone has any doubts as to how FUCKING EXCITED I am about this party, just ask Svet.
Poor girl was trying to cut my hair last night as I was boppin in my chair to DJ Dan!!


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my itinerary, surely to be derailed by me getting distracted by something shiny

11-12 : aqua lounge for mah n1gg4h satori, any of you looking forward to the misstress' set should definately check him out

12-6 : main room for andy c, dj dan and the misstress

looking forward to seeing all you, this has the makings of the party of the year me thinks


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Wouldn't miss it for anything...

3 of my favourite dj's all under one roof....with plenty of alcohol...i'd be a fool not to go! :D


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i missed seeing people last week, so this weekend, keep your eyes peeled for me. mcbee and basic should know my whereabouts most of the time, so use them as travel guides.

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Oh yeah, one day 'till The President!!!!!

Holy fuck. Come on now, all y'all can't even tell me that dis isn't juss like the ol' days.

Bring it on.

I'm gonna be throwin' down the visuals at this jam, so TBK, expect a little treat sometime during DJ Dan's set.

I call it....ODE to the TBK.


Skip (the guy with the red T-shirt with chinese on front - say hi to me)
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