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review tomorrow.

sleep now.

Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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I live in ajax..thats the only reason that mofo beat ME home

shit i even left before he did


there was a lot of jungle.

review in the afternoon...

Cheers and goodnight,


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Aright y'all are boring suckies. Im writing my review now.

I spent most of my time upfront centre in 5he "hourse room"

Anne Savage played bettar than the last time I saw her..but it was still baring mediocre UNHO. At least she didn't trainwreck as bad as she usually does.

Too many buildups, not enough substance.

At one point he fucked up a lot, and instead of ignoring it he apologised, to the crowd...and it wasn't even that bad a mix. I thought that was totally cool of him, everybody nakes mistakes once in a while

THe first time I ever saw him he impressed me a lot, and he didn't dissapoint tonight, but it was still just that tad bit too weak on his part.

I can't stop saying good things about Donald Glaude. He gets all my respect of the night. He was the only reason I wanted to come to this party and now I know why *grin*.actually got a pleasant 'vibe' at this party. At least everywhere i went I was surrounded by nice people, most of my friends, and a few new ohesn

I might change that review when Im a little more sober *grin*.


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well, i just thought i'd write this before i retire to my bed for a good 14 hour sleep and while my thoughts are still fresh..

i greatly enjoyed bittersweet..i arrived at about 11:30, and although it was cold i was pleasantly surprised to not see a 4 hour line up like last year and to top that, a friend of mine somehow got me in through the guestlist line (or lack of) so i was in rather quick...

now i have been partying for many years but haven't been to a party in a good 4 months or so...i got this weird feeling last night, like it was my first party all over again, because i had forgotten a lot of what parties were truly like, it all seemed somewhat new to me...

i was greatly surprised at how empty the BLC was, maybe the most empty i've ever seen it...i met up with my toronto friends that i haven't seen in months and spent most of the first hour just running around together and talking...

i checked out half an hour of deko-ze's set and enjoyed it but found that the sound in the house room was way too low...
you know somethings wrong when you can hear the cheering in the jungle room louder than the music and can stand in the middle of room and have a conversation without ever saying "WHAT?? I CAN'T HEAR YOU."

after that, i checked out hype and found him to be good but had some sloppy mixes..i still enjoyed it and danced quite a bit..

randall was good for the half an hour i saw him, but was torn away at 4:00 to donald glaude...he impressed me quite a bit and i got completely into the party once he started his set (too bad it was so late) but started getting irritated by the low sound once again and kept periodically going to the jungle room in order to really get some loud music that i could feel through me...

at about 5:30 i had begun getting really tired and thought after donald glaude i'd stop dancing for the night but then a guy that i had noticed had been watching me for a while came up to me and told me that "my dancing is incredibly hype"...
now, i've never really been complemented on my dancing before and not only did it give me an insane amount of energy that i didn't think i had, it also kept me smiling 'till the end when my friends literally dragged me out of there, still dancing to marcus' set..

i found the searches not strict at all, which surprised me after last week's incident...
sure, the pat down was really well done but after telling the girl doing my search that i had a school bag full of fruit (don't ask) she just let me go without even looking in it...i could have had anything in there...

i also noticed hardly any people looking stupidly high and was never asked to buy/sell drugs once, which really impressed me...

i didn't notice any real problems and thought that the security/police did a good job...we even got a cop to dance with us, for the second year in a row...

i guess that's it, i realize this is really long but i was just very impressed and after putting a hold on partying for a while because i found them to be more and more about just the drugs, it was good to be reassured that i could go to a party sober and not spend any of the night annoyed by all the drug use happening around me...i really did feel that a lot of the people at this party were truly there for the music (but there are always the pesky exceptions)...

oh my, i have no idea how i found the energy to write that, now for a good breakfast and a long sleep...

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I got of the Bus at my station and lying infront of me was a bittersweet ticket. So I went on down to the Better Living Centre with my buddy and sold the bastard for $45 after walking around the venue and finding the 2nd room but still hearing Jungle basslines. So fuck that shit.
I bought a Half Quart and smoked the bitch at my friends house and did my own little funch techno set.




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Bittersweet '01 - extravagantly sweet to sum it all up!!!

Venue: BLC,CNE - I thought I knew what to expect with a party being held at the CNE grounds. Crappy sound bleeding, minimal light and fx...but Syrous proved me wrong. Jungle/D&B being set up in the main room...and at the total opposite side was where the House/Techno resided. Both rooms had banging sound system..the set was perfect. However, the soundz would bounce around and echo if you strayed away too far from the stage but it's all good. Wikkid decor, visuals and light fx in both roomz as well.

Crowd: A lot more people than what I was expecting. But definitely a good crowd. Didn't see much floor dwellers and everyone from what I saw was pretty much havin' a good time and groovin' to the beats. Everyone was pretty much dancin' and jumpin' around....the music totally manipulated the crowd! Headz everywhere.

Arrived at the party around 11pm. Long lineup to get in but it was moving smoothly. Mandatory coatch, IMO is pretty stupid @ the CNE since it tends to get cold inside once you chill. Ah wellz.

As for the DJ sets I caught:

Lush - Only caught a bit of his set towards the end. "Shine Eye Gal" dub mix made his set sweet. Hehe..I thought Marcus wasn't givin' out this dub?

Sniper - Definitely a pumpin' set! Dropped several new tunes and quite a few recognizable classics as well. Crowd going nuts on "Funktion" and of course "Walk Wid Your Friendz". L Natural and Caddy Cad workin' the mic and hyping up the crowd as usual.

Mystical Influence - Always a pleasure to hear this veteran pioneer on the decks. Flawless mixing as usual and dark rollers and amen tunes being rinsed out! Big up Pat...the cream of the crop!

DJ HYPE - Wikkid wikkid set, but some noticeable sloppy mixes. I guess you can't blame him...the bass was pumpin' makin' it hard to determine the mixes. Ah wellz...still worth it. Definitely rinsed out the hardest of the hard tunes...some anthmes! Never ceases to amaze me with his scratching abilities. "Terrorist 2000"..ouch! GQ workin' the mic and pumpin the crowd to the max!

DJ RANDALL - only caught like 15 minutes of his set..wish I could've stayed longer. But his set was definitely a highlight..."Up All 'fukkin' Night".....definitely the tune!!! Props out to Rage!

Overall...one the best parties I've been to. Had so much fun, danced my ass off and met lotsa peeps. Big up Tej, Pablo and Locuss!! Hehe..E-Bloc crew!

Connected '01 - next destination.




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i don't think anyone understands how sad i am that i missed this party.

anne savage...
donalde glaude...

and the locals!

oh god! it's not fair.
but i was there in spirit let me tell you!
i couldn't stop listening to my tapes wishing i was there.

i'm glad ya'll had a good time!
and i hope you danced your asses for me!
especially to some serious jungle and drum n bass MM MM MM

that's too bad to hear about hype's sloppy mixed though! but i guess randall's set just blew the roof eh? maaaaaaaan woulda loved to have seen that!!! GRrrr

peace yall



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I was the chief floor dweller at that party. Man, why did god create alcohol and friends that drag your drunk ass places.

From what I saw I was quite surprised by the low turnout and enjoyed thuroughly the large areas of emptiness. From what I caught of the music, it was good for the BLC, but you can't help the way it loses something in such open space.

Highlight of the night was line-by-pass, and having such a comfy coat to hide from the spinning in. Damn room stay still next time.


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Well, I got there real early which is b4 10, and I was in line for about 10 mins. which I thoroughly enjoyed cuz it was freaking freezing last night. I spent the first two hours wandering the venue looking for people but then found myself settling myself in the house room. I spent the whole night in there and thoroughly enjoyed it. I went there for the house, stayed there for it...
WHY the hell was it so f**king cold!! I had to get my coat and my mitts at 3am and wear them for the remainder of the night. The security at the coat check weren't goin to let me back in the party and I was just like "screw that, there's a fence that says HOP over with my name on it". ANyways, it was a good party, haven't slept yet, and I think my brain is packing it's bags and leaving me so it's time to go to bed.



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I had a great time at this party. Danced a bit, hamboned a lot. Donald Glaude definately took the title for set of the night. Unfortunately got there too late to check Timmy P, but Hack and Scratcher certainly did the locals justice. Good to see some of the crew reprazentin'. Jungle room had a nice set-up.
Question for the promoters: Does this mean you are going to put a DOSE logo in the jungle room at CONNECTED?


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Oh yes my dear, we were raving.

So what is typically known as the coldest weekend of the summer, we all gathered for a night of warm and fuzzy raving adventures.

Lets get down to the details...

The BLC was split into your basic two rooms, the jungle room being the largest and most prominent. The house arena was tucked into the back, which made for a tighter atmosphere for us kiddies who do have a thing for house music. Large area’s of the BLC were blocked off for many of reasons, mostly due to the reasoning that this wasn’t supposed to be a ‘huge’ party, good planning, worked out well. The majority of people who attended came for the jungle-goodness, so not a surprise they would get the bigger room and bigger sound system. Now the house room had a decent sound system, although the trick was to find a nesting spot somewhere infront of the speakers, which was surprisingly difficult. Veer off more then 10 feet to the side and your overwhelmed by bass, thus not quite able to hear a lot of details in the tracks. Once again, please spread the system out a little bit, I don’t want to have to park my ass front and center all night to get good quality sound.

And the music?

Tim Patrick: What can you really expect for a 10:00-11:30 set? Your usual tight and seamless mixing, minus the big kickass tracks you would usually get when you put this juggernaut on prime time.

Myka: Nice flowing bassline house. Consistent beat with rolling buildups and breakdowns.

Deko-ze: Why prime time? Couldn’t have anyone show up the princess now could we?

Anne Savage: I am the queen, hear me roar. Lots of gooey trancey fuzzy lovely dovey blah blah blah. I was about to offer her an eightball in exchange for her exiting the tables. Swing from those rafters, swing!

Donald Glaude: Now baby, this is what im talking about! Some serious down to earth funky break’em up spazzy house music, with a flavouring of breaks that we all wanted to hear. I’ve said it before, this man is a class act. Get your hands in the air! His enthusiasm and over-the-top attitude is priceless. Throw in some favorite tracks, half decent mixing and this big mack daddy is someone who will never let you down.

Overall a pretty decent night, lots of familiar faces here and there to keep the socializing interesting.

MUCH better than last year, no questions asked.

Guesstimate on attendance: a little under 6000.

Nothing overly interesting or out of control to speak about, seemed like a by-the-book event.

PaRtYKiD’s rating 7/10



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im glad i had a good time....i was afraid it was gonna be a waste of my money....but nothing really too bad to say of this party except for the $$$$. it sux paying 40 bucks to have a good nite...one breaks dj in the morning would have been much better to end the nite
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Originally posted by PaRtYKiD:
Donald Glaude: Now baby, this is what im talking about! Some serious down to earth funky break’em up spazzy house music, with a flavouring of breaks that we all wanted to hear. I’ve said it before, this man is a class act. Get your hands in the air! His enthusiasm and over-the-top attitude is priceless. Throw in some favorite tracks, half decent mixing and this big mack daddy is someone who will never let you down.



now that sounds like a set i would go nuts over! now that's my kinda house!!!... and with people's hands in the air, smiling faces, a bunch of "aww hell ya it's all about house baby" kids to keep the set and the sweet house vibe that much more tight...

oh man, i woulda went insane!

was the set recorded?
i want a tape!

thanks for review cory!

now who's got a serious review of the jungle room!?!?!?



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hmmm.....so that was bittersweet.....after waiting in line for 30mins, i was pretty damn cold...but i walked in to sniper dropping 'walk wit your friends' so that warmed me up immediatly....next i noticed the huge heart and lighting that were set up....NICE!!! finally some bling bling spent on a jungle room....mystical was next and was his usual self...if caddy cad wouldn't talk all the time, he'd be an excellent mc...

Hype was pretty good...sure a few mixes were off, but i am far from a perfectionist....the "ready or not", "super sharp shooter", "champion dj" mix was prolly the highlight of the night....

Radall was better...didn't see all his set, but luckily stuck around for "terrorist 2000"...loving that drop.....

For some reason i went to the house room to check out donald glaude...i was disappointed that the volume was so low...IMO donald should have the volume set to 11 wherever he is...

went back to check marcus...never disappoints...but unfortunatly my feet were stuck to the floor...

so i left, went to a friends house, and 12 hours later, found myself beating chuck's ass at cards.....ha....

nice to see aphro and enjoy the adventures of miss money janie....



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i got there late...and a good thing too...i wasn't too impressed with anne savage...donald glaude on the other hand..wow..kicked my ass!! that was some sick ass pumpin shit...and that jelo track he dropped...TUNE!!! look out this one is gonna blow up everywhere!@

it was great seeing everyone again...
oh one thing...
not to sound all bitchy
but wtf are is up with lifeforce? or dose for that fact...no locals at connected...and shitty timeslots for our locals at their parties now...wtf! we have the best talent bar none and u treat them like shit..u suck ass...



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Bittersweet was a pretty good party...stayed in the jungle room all night pretty much, and a sweet sweet jungle room it was. Hype's set was pretty good, noticed a few weird mixes but other than that was really great...played a good mix of newer stuff and the older tracks I love....heard 'Original Nuttah' wayyyy too many times for the span of 8 hours...but oh well...all in all a great night for music...the last set was amazing (not sure if it was mystical or marcus)!!

I personally don't like the BLC, its too cold, especially on saturday...security was less than nice and were taking bribes..but thats not really something new....

all in all, an okay night...



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it was cold goin in...

good good jungle... hype played an amazing set, donald played an amazing set

got too meet donald which was pretty cool...

over all it was better than i expected

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ecstasy riot

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OH MY GOD.. rewind this one!

This was the party of the year, surpassing any sort of expectations I could of had. For those saying big parties suck, this would have changed your mind.

I got in at around 1:30am and willingly stayed until the lights were on. I have not done that in probably over a year.

1:30 - 3:30 The consistency of the sets in the jungle room was incredible. Hype was, as cheezy as it sounds HYPE! His track selection had me going crazy, the s the u the p the e the r... It was a set that had you off the ground, I couldn't keep my little jungle feet from moving the whole set. I heard a few messup's but hardly any, and the sound system was set up really good I think.

3:30 - 5:30 Randall started off a really crazy set, had me going, but unfortunately did so good, he was going a bit downhill and his set was a bit long, but still had my dancing on my toes.

5:30 - 7:00 I was thinking, please I need some ragga, I need some ragga. Marcus definately redeemed himself since the last few times I saw him. He would throw on a hype track, that I just had to go nuts to, another one, then you think ok now I'll have a little break, but NO! He pushed you even more. I did not feel the floor until the last song of his set, which tore it up! The set was amazing, and I did not understand how people could stand around.

I had my 'ragga muffin' with me, and we kept going on stron until a bit after 7am when the lights came on. I loved the fact that headliners where on later, and had 2 hours to play their sets. The lighting was also really good, and thus it wasn't too dark. I like seeing people.

BITTERSWEET was incredible last year, and this year it was beyond words, I'm still so hyped up from Saturday.



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This is what popped into my head as soon as I ran up to the window and heard "allaboard"

I really didn't want to go back home. It was already like 12 and I needed to hear sum serious tunes. I bought a ticket there. $50!

Mystical set was nice although I wish I could've caught the whole set.

Hype was sloppy, but played sum nice dubs and redeemed himself @ MADBAR on Monday.

Randall played really good tunes and had my whole crew bouncin around.

Marcus completely destroyed me. Tune after tune after tune after.....you get the point. Track selection was very appropriate - new dubs, old faves, nothing but badness.

Caddy, Bandit and Natural were fukkin on fire too. Couldn't believe the way these boyz were bustin, and with one mic.

I brought 4 friends who had never spent any time in a jungle room. They loved it, they tried to go to the other room but they said it wasn't live enough.

This party ended up costing me $85 to get in but it seems to me that it was all worth it.

Great nite, you could feel the vibe from outside. Sound and Especially the Lighting were outstanding!

kiD sean

that 420 guy

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on saturday february 10th, 2001, i attended a rave in the famous city of toronto.

it was one of the greatest raves i have ever attended, and i was very impressed with the organization and execution of the event.

this was my second time ever at the better living center. first and foremost, the efficiency of the lineup was great. everyone in line had to have a ticket. if you didn't have a ticket, you had to buy one from the ticket booth before entering the line. the same went for guestlist. you needed to pick up your guestlist ticket before you even got in line, not to mention that the guestlist was also supported by verification numbers. wow, that's organized. that eliminates the "do you know who i am? i know <insert name of promoter here>" bullshit.

i must say i felt for all of the people who had to wait in that line on the coldest night of the year. daam, cold isn't even the word.

inside, i was pleased to see that the setup was drastically different from the last time i attended the blc for the liquid back 2 back party.

the main room was jungle, something i only get to appreciate when i attend syrous parties. and man was the system ever loud!

the house room thankfully did not overlap the sound of the jungle room as it did at liquid. it could have been a bit louder though.

i was glad to be at this party with friends who i went to university with. i haven't partied with some of these people in over three years. as soon as we got there, we planted ourselves right in front of the dj in the house room and began dancing. it's good to know some things never change. you'll always find the london krew right up in front of the dj *grin* london massive krew!

throughout the evening, i kept running into more london alumni, including a friend who just returned from a 2 year trip to australia. it was funny how each of us had not been to that many 'big' parties in the past year, yet we all chose to attend bittersweet. coincidence?

now onto the music. i spent most of the evening in the house room, mostly cause i was surrounded by such good friends. i was unbelievably impressed with dekoze's set. this guy has maad crazy skills, and he tore the roof off the place. glad to finally hear fat boy slim's 'what the fuck' on a real system.

up next came the blonde bombshell from the uk, miss anne savage. i've heard her spin many times before, and i have only been impressed by her performance at the better days bliss party, so she had a lot of impressing to do. and once again she did not. i must say she was in a better mood than the last time i saw her at the tribe 7 year, but she had too many build ups. not that i don't like build ups, but she used the m as a mixing tool. that i was not impressed with. overall, her set was decent. i was dancing with friends listening to a sexxxy blonde spin uplifting electronic music at a rave in the year 2001, so life wasn't so bad *grin*

i had to drag myself away from the house room to catch dj hype spinning dillinja's all aboard plate. on a phat loud system those steel drums sound incredible! the energy in the jungle room was great. so refreshing to see the main room playing jungle all night! awesome.

back to the house room for donalde glaude. this man is a crowd pleaser. he gets so into his music and the crowd that you can't help but groove your ass off.

^^^donalde glaude @ daybreaks 2 yr^^^

donalde glaude is a showman with the dj skills to back it up. the only thing that would have made donalde glaude's set better would have been some more volume. other than that, his set was perfection and the music highlight of the night.

^^^that guy and donalde glaude at dose connected '98^^^

police and security were on a rampage, but i guess it was necessary. city owned property and a death at a rave the week before is more than enough of a reason to have that many pdos and security. i had what i needed and was very careful about my 420 celebrations, so that aside at least i felt safe in that environment. sometimes da popo ain't so bad...sometimes.

^^^chillin wit da popo at dose connected '98^^^

sorry for all of the ol skewl pix, but they were from the other time i have attended a rave at exhibition place...the automotive building is a large venue as well. cause i didn't have a camera at this party, i thought i'd drum up some old pix to go along with my post.

come to think of it, i didn't bring anything to this party that i normally have with me. i had no camera, no backpack, no book, no pencil case...hell i didn't even wear any red. all i brought was myself and a positive attitude, and i had an incredible time.

props to my london krew and the tbk for reprazentin in tha year 2001!

maaaad props to my girl libragyal and aaron micks for the hook up...i'm glad i didn't have to wait in the kold.

overall, one of the best raves i have ever attended. very well organized, the best people to celebrate with, and some slammin tunes. the people + the music = the vibe, and i was glad to share it with everyone at bittersweet.

9/10 gunshots fi di syrous krew!

- that glad to be raving in the year 2001 guy
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