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Bitcoins soaring

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yep. red all over in the coin world.
Red all over the entire market of markets. There’s a bubble all over that’s about to burst. It’s not exclusive to crypto. ...but in that world, it’s called a “sale” and that’s where the money is. I’m spread over 4 coins and have used limits to triple my initial investment within a ridiculously short period of time. I just play the profits for more. No withdrawals yet, except transferring between my two wallets.

I’ve learned more about the “markets” in 3 months of crypto investment than I did from a year of doing the CSC.

Invest small amounts that you can afford to lose. If you’re not a complete monkey, you probably can’t even f$&k it up.

Loads of financial industry people are spouting about the dangers and bubbles of coins. That’s fine. They’re complaining about the inflation of Blue Chips as well. Proof is in the profit, isn’t it?!!!!

If you’re on the fence, feel free to PM me.

I can’t believe how easy this is, if you pay attention and set proper limits. I’m making dollars, while I sleep. ;)
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oh i just got a toe in now - so im watching what happens.

Working the micro peaks on smaller short term trades for fun with a very small amount of $$.