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Anyone ever eaten it?

I participated in a 2 hour taste panel today, and tried bison kabobs, stew, burgers, and deli meat. I was well fed and my wallet was fed $60 for my time.

I really liked it....excellent flavour, but a tad tougher and drier than beef. Apparently it's lower it fat too.


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Last summer...

Mom: Do you like the burgers?
Me: I guess. They taste kinda weird.
Mom: But do you like it?
Me: Why?
Mom: Because they're made of bison!
Me: You vile women!! *throws burger to the ground*

It was alright, not as flavourful as beef though.

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they used to shoot them from trains, you know.

now they raise them on farms and we drive by and say 'hey, those aren't cows...'

who are they, anyway?