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birthday shout out!!...


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just wanted to shout a special birthday jesture to the likes of Arthur Oskan :)

Had a fantabulous time last night- what a party!!! Great music,awesome place and wicked peeps- and a surprised OSKAR!


yeah to found wallet!!

Best wishes Arthur:)

respect and love

Destro and Judy
Eric Lork
Kirk and Cindy and your KILLER dog ;)


stewart douglas

P.S : see all you @ the next b-day party (my bday)... DEC 19th restructured release party!!! :p
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Arthur Oskan

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A blast had by all who attended.


- thanks Datafreq for those amazing memeories on DVD. My Rout and myself at The Rivoli in 94 with nothing but analogue...when many toronto peeps were like; roland nine-o-what?!~

- not so classy shots of my man boobs from France?!
Note to self; ass to gym.

- was that straight jonnie red i was drinking from a 26r? my god.

- music. bar none. best music i've ever had at any birthday. Electronic Music for all.

- Gary grinding Julia in a way I've never seen before. ;)

- food. I swear Cindi's Chicken Zah. For all those who had the pleasure in jamming this xtc through the hole in your faces, you know where im coming from.

Thanks for all who showed up. I knew nothing of this and apprently was being planned for a month. See everyone from peeps i made music with and hung with in college, to people i party with now, great to have it all in one room.

For all those in who didnt show, I expect prompt phone calls upon the reading of this post and demand full liquoring. :cool:

Next up, the December 19th. This will be pure damage for you douglas. My suggestion is (and as hard as this may sound) give the liver a break this weekend.

See you all soon.


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Good times indeed. Good party with good tunes.
How can you go wrong with Datafreq, Destro, Stewart Douglas, & Curt Martin playin' the tunes?
Oskan bangin' out a little on a (vintage) 808. Certainly a nice jam. Good local folks playing some nice tunes.
Happy birthday!


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Yeah yeah yeah

It was such an awesome party. What a success. Awesome food, people, music and doggies!!!!

Happy Birthday Arthur baby.



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Happy belated Bday Mr. Oskan. :)

Sorry I didn't make it out, worked all day on 3 hrs sleep and just couldn't get up off of the couch.
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There were some nice pictures of Arthur to view,Ha! Shhhhh! thanks Julia and gang for the hospitality.Nice to meet Destros
gal Judy and watch them eat tacos right in front of me while i starved to death-just kidding;) Arthur was relatiley sober compared to other times I've seen him,we shared some Goldschllager,and had a good time.

Happy Birthday You Ugly Fuck :D


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sooooo there...

me is goin to be sooooo very very there at your b-party dougster!!! :D

tekno beatz 4eva CAN YA DIG IT????


Destro Sanchez

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happy birthday.

wanted to fall off the wagon just for your birthday....glad I stuck with it.

(day 15 now...and counting)

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