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birthday MADNEZZ !!!~~~~


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(only 12 hours and 38 minutes to go.....)

To the lovely, crazy, and incomparable Mizz MADNEZZ !!!



This is the big one folks - the big 19 !!!!! Time to say goodbye to the deceptive ways of Karen Steward and embrace the FULLY LEGAL status of my true love. Looking forward to making this the best birthday yet!!

*une grande bissoux*
- ton amour


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you werent even 19 yet? and i saw you consuming alcohol..tsk tsk...:p
happy birthday to an awesome girl! have a great one Laura!!! :D


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sorry my birthday wishes are all out :(

happy birthday laura. here's to a year of keeping your big mouth open in every pic! :)


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Happy Birthday Laura!!!

It's been great to meet you, here's hoping for much more, now that you're legal!.
See you tonite! :D Sooooooooo can't wait!

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Happy B-day Laura, are you doing the *drugs*

And by the way my roomie says the same thing for driving her drunken ass home on NYE


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it was a year ago tomorrow that mizz madnezz introduced herself to me by SLAPPING MY ASS on the dancefloor at the now 'defunkt' 160 lounge. oh you crazy, crazy chicka. :D

happy b-day girlie!

plans est?


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Happy Birthday, Laura.

I hope your day is techno filled and just as awesome as you are.


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Happy birthday ya punter!

You knew this was coming, so here goes ... some shots of Laura in all her sketchy glory (this is nothing compared to the stuff I haven't scanned yet) :p


aka the "I don't liquid" girl


aka "Look at my chest" girl


aka "Oooh yeah, I like that" girl


aka "Go for the ass" girl


aka "More ass-nezz" girl


aka "I don't know what the hell this is" girl

-- Jay aka Fut


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Happy Birfday laura!!!!.. wow i remember when you were like.. 16... :) seems almost yesterday (almost was.. ;) )

Of all the people i've met from my days in 'the scene'.... you've probably had the greatest amount of influence on me (besides cri, of course ;) ). You were always there for me .. whether you knew it or not... its tragic that we don't see each other as much any more - I miss our sunday morning sketchy cup adventures :)

Lookin forward to seeing you tonight !!!

Love always,



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HAppy Birthday!!!!! I think you're WICKED and I wish you a great day!!!!

Can't wait to see you tonight so I can give you a BIG doodle-hug!!!! :D

un beso *muah*!

natalie :D


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thank you so much guys *blush* all those sweet words are too kind!!!!!! I feel like replying to each post, but that would take too long... *S*

I have to say though, those pictures are gold *LMAO* good god.

thank you tommy for such a nice opening thread *S* *S* *S*

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Laura!! Happy birthday to the one and only!

My god, you are truly one of the funniest of em all....and attitudes don't come much better.

Have a wicked one!

xo Josh


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Happy Birthday Laura :D

You must be a special grrl cuz I am coming all the way from Waterloo to celebrate this glorious occasion ;)

wow! Your REAL ID! How fun is that :)

see you tonight :p
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Shake dat ASS bitch and let me see what you got!!!
Shake dat ASS bitch and let me see what you got!!!
Big Booty Bitches, Think they is the shit!!! :D

Sorry I can't make it out tonight to celebrate with ya... hope you have a wondeful dinner and enjoy your CHEESE ASS TRANCE! :D


orange richie

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march birthdays are for all the crazy people...

Happy B Day Laura! you're one of the craziest I know and I didn't know you are so young! :eek: See you tonight sweetie...

Rickardo Belmiro de la Cruz...
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