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BirtBirth: Alive: Death: And the meaning of anything


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Nobody chooses to be born. The entire instrument of birth is some kind of cosmic lottery. Just look around on facebook or even here, how proud people are to show their children, aka step 1: birth.

Did you choooooose to be born? Did you happen to be born in Canada or India or Vietnam or wherever you happened to be born at? Did you Chooooooose that?

I'm engaging in an intellectual discourse, the answer is obviously NO. This has repercussions regarding racism, classism, all kinds of things. All kinds of cultures and countries. Why were we lucky to have been born at all? That's another question too. But at the end, nobody made their choice to be born, so the answer is "NO".

Well in this stage everyone can make decisions, do things, reproduce, reflect. It's at this stage where I really have the least to say, because, the game is out on whether we have free will or not. Maybe we do, maybe we don't. I choose not to judge, but did I make this decision freely? I don't know. I never will know. Please take care of yourself and the people who love you.

This is the inevitable. Birth is a terminal illness, one every being shares. "Do you really want to live forever?" "From dust to dust".

I recall a very depressing day, as I was wondering through the UW campus.

Oh, such bright young students, full of stress and pajamas, I walked quite through them, to a creek that flows nearby. No students actually go there. Aha, that place is my bridge to Terebithia.

and so it goes
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One has to rise above it.

Even with all the advantages of being a middle class white man born in Canada from many generations of Canadians...there's obstacles to overcome.

Not to say it hasn't probably been easier here than it may have been if I had been born in other circumstances...but we all have our own battles.
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