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Bird Flu

Boss Hog

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junglegirl said:
face masks
My company included 'bird flu' procedures into our emergency preparedness guidelines awhile ago. There were already plans in place for scenarios similar in time and scope to 9/11 or SARS, but bird flu requires a different longer-term contingency plan.

I wouldn't doubt that there is a supplies stock somewhere, but based on the nature of our business I would doubt that is the main focus of the plan. I think they have focused more on things like enabling employees to work from home, ensuring minimal business disruptions to customers, etc.

From what I've heard in the media (during SARS and about the bird flu), there are barely (if even) enough masks and filters to supply a mass amount of front-line health care workers for an extended period of time - as they should be changed every few days (every day?). So, I'm not sure about the effectiveness of buying simple face masks would be.
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