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BIO for Bougie Soliterre & Uzi (Montreal)

United Soul

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Bougie Soliterre (Flipside Records / Montreal) > BIO


http://www.mir-media.com/newsite/index.php - look under artists / roster Bougie Soliterre.

Uzi (Soulmeka / Montreal) > BIO

Ousmane and Natacha

Ousmane Bary (Uzi) and Natacha Blanchard, are the dynamic and innovative pair, responsible for keeping the Deep House Music scene alive in Montreal, Canada, for over six years.

After eight months of promoting club Pacha in Spain, ironically, while the two were on vacation, Uzi and Natacha, returned to Montreal and held their first Deep House night, Classic Tuesdays, undoubtedly one of the most famed underground weekly parties of 1998, at JAI Bar.

With Classic Tuesdays success and Jai Bar’s owners extremely content, Uzi and Natacha would continue to produce exceptional underground Deep House parties, at the same venue, over the following three years: Body Music – on Fridays from 1999 – 2001, and Betta Daze – Saturdays in 2001.

JAI Bar’s closing in 2002, allowed Uzi and Natacha to branch out. They later hosted parties at Stereo, Stereo Bar, ARIA (Deep room), and Bang the Party Montreal. As of January 2003, they continue working they’re magic every Saturday night with Soulmeka at Salon Daome, by far the top underground weekly night in Montreal.

By combining their insatiable thirst for Deep House Music and their uncanny ability to create a vibe so sweet, that you easily forget that you’re in a club and not chilling at a slamming house party. They have created some of the most magical and memorable Deep House parties in North America, and continue to draw an extensive list of first class local and international DJ’s to spin at their events. Past guests include: *Fred Everything (exclusive deephouse and vocal sets),* DJ Cosmo (NYC), Ian Pooley (Germany-exclusive deephouse and vocal set), Joe Claussell (NYC), *Jephte Guillaume and the Tet Kale Orchestra, *Marques Wyatt (LA), *J-Dub (CHI - Exclusive deephouse set), *Heather (Exclusive deephouse set-CHI), Alton Miller (Detroit), Gene Farris (CHI - Exclusive Jazz house set), *DJ IZ and DIZ, *Bougie Soliterre, Idjut Boys (UK), Andrew Macari (Toka project), Faze Action (UK), *Scott Grooves (Detroit), Kerri Chandler (NJ), *DJ MKL (NYC), Anthony Nicholson (CHI), Frankie Feliciano (NYC), *Ron Trent (CHI), *Jeannie Hopper (NYC), DJ Quantic (UK), DJ Lava (Tokyo), Teddy Douglas (Bal), *DJ Spen (Bal), Danny Krivit (NYC), and the Wamdue Kids (Exclusive deephouse set-PHI).

*: Multiple visits

Uzi is also considered as a top DJ, and have one of the most faithful following in Montreal. His guests appearences are always essential events.

Uzi and Natacha are also hosting three very popular shows on Netmusique internet radio (www.netmusique.com), which is considered to be the biggest and most popular station dedicated to deephouse on the internet: Soulmeka, Soulmeka live sessions and Talking all that Jazz.

you can catch these music programmers @ Solid Garage this friday (see event listings)

Don C

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...They later hosted parties at Stereo, Stereo Bar, ARIA (Deep room)...

That Aria party was off the hook