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Billy Dalessandro


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Apparently he's relocated to Montreal, may be easier to snag a booking of him down this way then?

Recent mix of his.


1. Takeshi Miyazi - Grayspace
2. Bumpin Ugly - Work Me
3. Daniel Mnookin - Spotted Cow
4. Michael Louis - Hiato
5. The Shocker - She Never Knew
6. Brian Ffar - Ballroom Hustler
7. Galuszka - Cellblock 3
8. Billy Dalessandro - In the Dark (Jason Emsley Remix)
9. Brian Ffar - Excessless
10. Huge Hephner - Just In Time
11. Huge Hephner - Let's Play Freak
12. Slutbox - Backseat Driver (Jason Emsley Remix)
13. Billy Dalessandro - The Big Blue
14. Galuszka - Dirty Snitch (Huge Hephner Remix)


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He's slowly lost his chi-town edge and become more miss than hit the last few years.

edit: that said...I'm still going to check this mix out. Still willing to give him a chance.


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Actually I wouldnt be surprised if we saw a booking, local boy ana.tone surely could work something out

a n a + o n e

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I actually just got back from seeing Billy's set in Montreal last weekend and there were NO disappointed faces in the crowd that night. I would have to say right now he's at the top of his game and showing no sign's of slowing down ;)