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Biggest geek "D'Oh" lately


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So for over a year now, after switching up sounds cards, meddling with wires, I've been unable to get the sound on my front two speakers working. I have a set of cambridge soundworks 4.1 speakers. Swapped the fronts for the rears to rule out the speakers, so I just figured the speakers outs on the sub were fubared. The speaker set comes with a volume control that I thought only had one function, to control the volume, but this morning I grabbed the knob a little higher up and noticed it didn't make the volume louder but something else happened! - yeah there is a fader built into the volume knob, so for a year I've been living with 2 speaker sound cuz I'm a dumb ass that had the sound faded to the rear two speakers.

My technical d'oh for the day. Anyone else have stories like this?


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I fried my motherboard last month, because I left a screw in there when I was putting my PC together.
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Leaving my laptop in my bag overnight in my freezing trunk.

Hard Drive with all my writing, not backed up = gone.


Compaq replaced it, but I'm only now getting back a lot of the software that was on there. Thanks, bittorrent.

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Didn't happen to me, but I was there, watching at the exact moment that it happened, and I LAUGHED so hard.

My co-worker got a brand new stick of Ram to put into his work laptop. Took apart the keyboard to insert the ram in behind it and then just as he's about to put the ram in, which he had to get up and go to another desk to get, on his way back, unwraps the ram and reaches to his laptop and......


Static Discharge.... and not just a small one,.... the arc came out of his index and travelled at least 3cm's.

Laptop was fried. Ram was fine though.


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Wow. I can't believe I'm posting here but I fucked up big time.

So I bought a new mobo / cpu / ram / video card and I'm installing it all. It all finally works so I put in my WinXP super CD, and for some reason I'm having trouble getting to the part where you format the hard drive. So finally I get there and I want to format the C drive but for some reason it's not letting me. So I hit the arrow down and format that - NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

40GB mp3s - gone.
half way through GTA:SA user files - gone
Text files with useful notes - gone
60GB entire ST:TNG series - gone
All family pictures - (luckily a lot of these are backed up) gone
And the list goes on.

So I'm going to make a thread about HD recovery now...but it sucks big time. *slaps forehead* "D'oh!"


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it took me a while to put the optical cable into my speaker/sound card 'cause i didn't know the cap on the end came off...
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Originally posted by Liquidity
it took me a while to put the optical cable into my speaker/sound card 'cause i didn't know the cap on the end came off...
I did that, for like 5 minutes... then I sat there, scratched my head, and then tried to clean the tip, as the cover fell off... I though I had broken it... but then I saw the light... hehe