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BIG TINGS in 2005!


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So maybe I want some suggestions, opinions, tips, help...on where we should hit this summmmmer...I need a get away...its either LONDON L.A OR ITALY right now...add some other awesome places don't be shy...but I wanna just chill get my mind off a lot of shit and have fun...

Anyone been to these places...fill me in...I know about Italy...I'm more interested in London or L.A...? So fill me in...

We kinda don't wanna do the CANCUN thing...done it already...something alittle more "mature" I guess u could say...that has a lot of GREAT FANTASTIC FUN SHOPPING and GREAT FANTASTIC FUN NIGHTLIFE and SUM sunlight...

k I'm done ur turn annnnnd....GO...
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I gotst some big tings planned ma self.

but first um gunna need ta getst me a rental van and some gazline


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I'm actually planning an august camping trip with my dad right now... do some father-son bonding and give me the opportunity to thank him for paying my education.

I'd do London over L.A., but I'm a sucker for historical tours.
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I think I'm going to travel around Canada a bit for starters... Montreal, BC (in the summer, finally), and then maybe go somewhere warm when it gets cold like this next winter. Ah yes, freedom to travel... love it :D


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Originally posted by watanabee
Italy or L.A? Not much of a choice there. Italy fore sure. It's beautiful and way more cultured.
something tells me that someone who says "big tings in 2005" isn't really lookin for culture. just a guess..
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