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BIG Room for Rent - Albion/Islington - Etobicoke


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Hey all...I posted this for a friend...

1 Very Big Room in a 4-bedroom House at Albion/Islington.

What is included?

It is a 4 bedroom house...whoever moves in gets access to a home gym, wireless internet, cable, direct tv (american satellite), phone, xbox, full kitchen, living room, parking and a patio.

The bedroom has a walkin bathroom and is biggest room in the house (aside from the living room). Also has built in closets.


The house is located on albion and islington...about 20 mins by bus from islington station. We also have everything from grocery stores to Blockbuster less than 2 minutes away.

Rent Information:

(this is the only item you would pay for...)

If you or someone you know are interested let me know...please either email me or give me a call


Austin D'souza
pYsChOsIs Designs
w: www.pyschosis.com
e: austin@pyschosis.com
t: 416.414.6848
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