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Big Pimpin' - June 15 2K1


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Oh it was pimpin', aight... Drunken pimpin'!

This lad does not drink, but I can assure you, I was probably one of the odd ones there NOT drinking. Big Pimpin' nights are known for their drunken tomfooleries, and last night was no exception.

The night started off with some jungle, then proceeded with myself vs Fuzzboy in a special hardcore battle. A fun time was held indeed, just wait until First Trip 2001... Next up was Toronto's own Frisky & D-Minus dropping a sick UK Hard House/Nu-Nrg set that had this bwoy groovin'. DJ X followed up on a breaky tip, Marty Mcfly was right after, continuing the madness.

Had to leave to Area 51 before Ken Finch & Lady Bass were on (sorry I missed your set, guys!), saw enough familiar faces, these parties never disappoint!


**i wonder who got the worst hangover today?**

**how was the euro set?**
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room

*+lady bass+*

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this was so much fun.
i love playing Big Pimpin because everyone is so nice...
well everyone apart from a certain someone who hates it when people are wearing beaded bracelets other than the ones his company makes...not to mention any names or anything.

but i had fun at this party...what an amazing night to have it too.