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Big Pimpin' - February 16 - reviews


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I guess I'll be the first to start. I have no complaints about last nite's wikkid party. I like the venue, it's nice and intimate. Sound system was loud, I was happy. Parking, kinda far when it's -1000 degrees outside, but it didn't matter too much.

Wait, there was music there too!

I got in as Twitch ended his set. Sorry I missed your UK Hard House feel dude, there'll be more! Frisky started off with some happy hardcore and ended in some mind-blowing UK Hard House that shook my booty. Last track: Lisa Lashes - Unbelievable... yes it was!

Super Red alongside MC Rapid stepped up, it was my time to sit down for a bit and chill in the lounge thingy. Satori was up next, from what I heard he killed it! I finally got up to hear some Swiss vs. Viper which was quite good. Up next was Dripp, didn't hear too much of him.

Rez-Q alongside Rapid. HOLY SH*T!! Dark rollerz everywhere, rhymes were a-flowin', the kickstepping began. Hype hype set, great mc'ing by Rapid and the other fellow beside him.

Marty McFly.
Enough said.

Big Pimpin' indeed! Good venue, good music, good vibe, good party.



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That was an awsome night. It's a really nice venue, and just the right amount of people.

Thanx to MalGlo for introducing me to all the people

Thanx to E-maiL for another wicked night.


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YES YES What a night!!

What I remember about Friday night, was amazing, and what I don't remember was even better... lol... I paid for it all on Saturday morning tho.... OHHHH the hangover!!!

But yes, it was a great night... thanks to everyone that came out to support....

OH YA... and I cant believe nobody has mentioned it yet... THE RETURN OF MC E-BY-GUM!! WOO HOO.. it was incredible... it may have only been for 2 or 3 tracks during Frisky's set, but it was still soo good to hear the old boy on the mic once again!!!

Hope he makes it a habit

anyways, hope to see you all out next month!



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Definately a drunken blast!!!!

twitch.. hehe glad u enjoyed meeting a few of my friends

damn that was fun.. can't wait till the next one.




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Yes this was a fun night...
much like the ast big pimpin I had to work late so I got there after 2, but thanks to Sean I still got a few drinks..

I came in when Swiss and Viper came on..
at least I got to hear some happy hardcore...
although once again they spun that schmuck Eminem into the set....

then jungle came on.. booooourns

At least there were some good friends around.

Taleen was macking the jungle biatchs...
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I totally don't remember doing my eminem mix!!! I don't really remember any of my set for that matter!!

and no offence joey, but you can keep posting the fact that I play that, but it won't stop me!! HAHAHAHAHAHA *evil laugh*,

especially since I had it requested by 2 or 3 different ppl on Fri night.. thats prolly why I played it.. oh well...

mikey g

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Thanks again for every one who came out and reprezented. Don't forget the next one will be March 16th, and we've got some more "specal" guests lined up so stayed tuned.



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oh gosh...

march 16th you say, well with my birthday being the 17th me thinks im in for some trouble.....