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Big Party Tracks....regular edition


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I am making some cd's, and have prolly made 100 electronic cd's, but I am looking to make a few more mainstream type ones.

Some examples of songs on those ones, and more that I'm looking for are:
H to the Izzo jay-z
September- Earth wind and fire
Everywhere- michelle something
Rump shaker- Wrexx in effect
Crash into me Dave mathews band
Take on me A-ha
Joy drop smetimes wanna die..............

anywayz, some cd's are going to be for happy fun times and feeling good, and I'd like to make a few "nicey" ones with slower lovey songs as well, so the question I pose to you....
What are some songs like this that YOU like?


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As Pete Tong proved last week:
Prince - I Would Die For You
U2 - Where the Streets Have No Name
Seal - Killer

Solid house party tracks.


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I thought the examples would explain the type of genres......

Radio stuff(102.1)
Classic rock
70's soul
hip hop
96.7 stuff...........

happy songs.......with lyrics
love songs with lyrics.......
cmon people!!

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queen- crazy little thing called love
midnight oil-beds are burning
red not chili peppers-under the brige
aphex twin-milkman
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Originally posted by Plato
the outhere brothers - f.y.i.t.a.




some more:
pop will eat itself-eich bin ein auslander
jimi hendrix-bold as love
black sabbath-sweat leaf, nib
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'b52's - love shack' comes to mind

I really like that joydrop song

They're from Toronto...and the lead singer seems like a very interesting personality
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some good funk:

eddie bo - hook 'n sling
jackson five - blame it on the boogie
cymande - bra
curtis blow - the breaks
james brown - blind man can see it
james brown - funky president
kool and the gang - N.T.
kool and the gang - chocolate buttermilk
marlena shaw - california soul
the brass 'n beat machine - exposition k'71
sly and the family stone - if you want me to stay
steely dan - peg



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didnt joydrop do that song a few years ago that went "cause im not beautiful like you...im beautiful like me"

i think so...i remember hearing a very cool athmospheric trip hop version of that track that builds up to really aggressive drum & bass beats.

very very good.


pauly j

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here's my contribution:
- jump around - house of pain
- up around the bend - ccr
- what i got - sublime
- 1,2,3 - jackson 5
- laid - james
- lust for life - iggy pop

hope some of these are the kind of jams you're looking for, maybe even a few you like.

pauly j.
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a summer comp...

curtis mayfield : movin on up
basement jaxx : rendez vous
vaughn mason crew : rock, skate, bounce, roll
grand master flash : the adventures
new order : regret
superman lovers : starlight
stone roses : fools gold
jamiroquai : blow your mind
kot : finally
black ivory : mainline
munich machine : get on the funk train
exodous : together forever
3rd bass : gas face
rockmaster scott : request line
rock with you : michael jackson



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yo .. burning mp3 cds lets you have 150 songs on a cd .. 100 X 150 songs = 15 000 songs

that's like alot of songs dude

that's almost how many i have
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