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Big loft needs another body(April 1st or soonish)


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I have a friend who has been desperatly seeking a roommate for quite some time now. He's been plagued by bad roommates in the past and is looking for a cool down to earth person to share his dwelling with... only $725

here's some info on the place.

Preferable move in date April 1st or sooner the better.

-2 minute walk to access TTC subway or GO Train

-15-20 minutes on the subway to get anywhere ‘desirable’ in the Toronto downtown core

-1400 square feet, high ceilings, open kitchen-living room-studio concept with two bedrooms off to the side.

-all major schools, financial institutions, and ‘learing centres’ can be accesed within 20 minutes

-great sound systems all over the apartment(I kid you not... he's got production gear too and never had sound complaints)

-whole place painted last year

-all new appliances (washer, dryer, oven/stove, fridge) in apartment washer

-cable is free!!

-main area’s are furnished with black leather couches, plants, and studio equipment

-‘hard wood’ floor in living room

-great heating and air-conditioning

-10 minutes walk to Dufferin Mall

-Lowblaws is 5 minute walk

-Home Depot, the Brick, etc. all located 10 minute drive away

-extra 32” TV able to be used by roommate

all for only $725!!!
The room is available right now if you guys know anyone interested.

either email him @ NOSPAMflexdefunk@sympatico.ca or PM me
Alex D. from TRIBE on Utility Room


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Amazing pics...

Livingroom and gear setup

DJ Setup and more gear

Living Room to kitchen


Entrance hallway

Kitchen/Dining room

Kitchen w/new appliances




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and this guy is LOOKING for a roomate? at $725, thats pretty damn good.

does he smell bad?

if this was on the lakeshore GO line I'd jump at it.
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