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Big League Chu - BreaksNation Sampler Vol.1

Big League Chu

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Big League Chu
BreaksNation Sampler Vol. 1
Recorded Nov 17 2004 for BreaksNation on 1groove.com

I decided to put this set out there as I haven't released a pure funky set in quite a while. It was the Nov 17th BreaksNation Radio episode and it also features some great Canadian Artists like: Myagi, Simon Paul and the Smalltown DJ's. Plus people have been bothering me to have a copy of the "you make me feel like dancing" remix in some digital format.

Hope you guys enjoy and burn away!!

BreaksNation Sampler Vol.1
Right Click above Link and choose save to disc.
or go to the download section at bigleaguechu.com to stream.

1)Black Heat Mashed Up Funk White Label
2)I’m The Main Man Jason Nevins fest. Marc Bolan (JDS Mix) Sanctuary Records
3)Disco Booty Tricknology White
4)The Mothra Shuffle Myagi CDR
5)Good Times Horney United Attractive
6)My Style The Rogue Element Exceptional
7)Loop, Oil and Filter Simon Paul Fat!
8)You Make Me Feel Like Dancing Big League Chu’s Booty CDR
9)Uptown Traffic ???? White Label
10) White Label
11)Got The Funk Fort Knox Five Fort Knox
12)Muchachos Johnny Habanero and the Smalltown DJ’s CDR


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Awsome mix. Exactly what i would expect from you Mr. Chu. Packed full of funk and nice and smooth.




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This is great! Always appreciate new mixes from you!

Won't be able to make it to your New Years part (Dom and I are doing our own) but hopefully you have some extra time and we can meet up for a drink or nine!
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