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Big League Chu and Brama Breaker@the WELL


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After moving here to Ottawa, I wasn't sure if I made the right choice. I miss my friends and family, I miss breaks...LIMELIGHT, BREAKFEST, I miss the people that make the breaks in toronto, friends, djs...
But last night was amazing. It was really good to hear breaks. brama it was really nice to meet you.i'm listened to your cd, very funky.i look forward to hearing more. chu, i felt like i was back at home. thank you sooo much.you spun an amazing set. it felt so good to dance. you played all the songs i love. i introduced some of my classmates to breaks last night.they loved and wanted to hear more.i'm sorry i didn't stay longer, if only i didn't have class. actually i snuck out to right this. hehehe.
i look forward to coming back to TO on the long weekend for breakfest. chu, thanks again. i feel less home sick now.
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glad to see you are finding your groove in ottawa!! did ya miss me on the dancefloor?? we'll definately be hitting breakfest on thanksgiving weekend, k??

anyhoo, glad to hear it was a fun nite. i saw brama breaker on new years at the well and frikin' danced my ass off!!


Big League Chu

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I had a blast last night Danielle It was fun to see a toronto face among the crowd.
I so glad you had a good time and by the looks of it you got yourself a "well" deserved filling of Funky breaks.
Twist- Brahma Breaker plays funky beats

Thanks to Rob Solo and Brahma Breaker for having me down again. Everytime I play for these guys it seems there whole purpose is to book me then get me sooo drunk that I can't play. I highly recommend the Well on thursdays for those in the Ottawa area, good people, great vibe.
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Booty Bits

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the well desperately needs more floorspace!

i've never seen a bar in more dire need of an expansion!

they get great music and have a pretty good atmosphere, but it just turns into sardine town all at once, every time i'm there.

Angus Robinson

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The Well is a really cool venue. Went there on a thursday last summer and had a blast. It is a little small, but that's kind of what's cool about it too. And that back room area's pretty neat too with the lighting and all. It gets the ol' "Madhatter Seal of Approval"

Andrew Mack

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Ever since i moved to Ottawa, i've been feeling somewhat homesick. But seeing Big League Chu at the well just made me think about limelight all summer. Although I to think the well is a small venue, it just feels so intimate, I had a great time.

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Hey everyone-I don't know if Rob had the flyer out for October last night but I'll be spinning at the WELL on October 25 and it should be a blast!
I think I'm the only one from Toronto commin in-in October. Come out and keep me company!