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Big Garage Sale, Mississauga, Sat/Sun

halo five

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Hey all,

Helping to clean out the parents place in Mississauga and having a giant garage sale this weekend. Everything INCLUDING the kitchen sink.

WHEN: Saturday and Sunday April 22 and 23, RAIN OR SHINE!
WHAT TIME: 8AM to 3PM both days
WHERE: 476 Wallenberg Cres. MISSISSAUGA (Burnhamthorpe and Elora, google maps are your friend)

A sample of stuff for sale:

- Household appliances (dryer, microwaves, a near-new bar fridge, etc.)
- Furniture (beds, coffee tables, cloth
- Tools / Hardware
- Computer monitors + semi-recent parts
- Gas Lawnmower
- Exercise Bikes
- Car stereo / CD Deck
- Tools
- BBQs
- Electronics (hot 80s boomboxes!)
- Clothes, Shoes, Accessories (Lots of vintage stuff from 60s and 70s)
- A 1989 Corolla, (ran as of last year, probably certifiable for a few hundred bucks, as is)
- Lumber! Piles of lumber!
- Standard garage sale junk

Hope to see you there! Mention tribe and we'll do you up right :)
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halo five

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So get this, it rained a RIDICULOUS amount last weekend, so we rescheduled for this weekend. Apr. 29/30, Saturday and Sunday, 8am til whenever.

If you live in Mississauga, you obviously have nothing to do this weekend! Come buy our junk!
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halo five

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Looks pretty much like this one:


but in better condition (no corrosion like in that pic). Only issue is the right counter-wooden-slat thing is bent downward a bit, probably easily fixed.

There's a propane tank for it too. Probably looking for $40 with the tank.