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Big Fish


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Can't wait for this one.

Looks fun but still fucked up in the Burton style.

This opens in February yes?


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It says in "select theatres" on Christmas Day....so I'm guessing that Toronto is included in that one.

Not for me though.

Boss Hog

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As eerilly joyful as Burton is I haven't enjoyed his last couple of films. He favours eye candy over plot a little too much.
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I'm really excited about this movie as well.

I'm also excited about a Nightmare Before Christmas on Tuesday because I haven't seen it yet.
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Boss Hog

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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa
I see this going either way. This could be Tim Burton at his best (ie. Ed Wood, Sleepy Hollow) or a spectacular wasted effort (Mars Attacks).
I didn't think Sleepy Hollow was great, though it wasn't bad either.

Mars Attacks - sucked (despite Natalie Portman's cameo).

Planet of the Apes - what?!

Burton should scale back on effects and concentrate more on his plots or he's going to end up another George Lucas.

Booty Bits

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Mars Attacks was one of the worst films i've ever seen.

but Edward Scissorhands is one of my favourite films of all time.

so i will go see Big Fish.


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The first time I ever smoked hydro (or at least, REAL hydro) we were at Destiny Fridays on Isabella.
Afterwards, we stopped into the Burger King across the street to consume some food.
My friend somehow got his girlfriend's name on the tip of his tongue, so while he's ordering he says "I'd like a lisa-burger". Dumfounded, I looked up at the ordering menu and scan it for a lisa-burger. I didn't see lisa-burger, but i did see an appropriately named item on the menu.. I shouted out, "Oh, you mean the Big Fish??"

Let's just say the manager didn't like the fact that 4 of us instantly fell on the floor laughing uncontrollably for 5 minutes before we could order again.

good times, and that's my Big Fish story

Littlest Hobo

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Mars Attacks was a cinematic tour de force! The French surrendered to the aliens! Congress done gone got themselves blown up! The Jack had not 1 but 2 roles! Ack Ack!
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