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Big Fish - Review

Dr. Grinch

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Fantastic film by Tim Burton.
Well worth the drive in shitty weather from B-town to Toronto for this one.

Essentially the story of a man's fantastical life from his birth till his death, and a collection of amazing adventures in between. The movie has a lot of really funny moments, and the ending is really emotional (had a nice lump in my throat). As per the usual Tim Burton style there are some fantastically twisted visual effects in this film. Not as much as say Edward Scissorhands, but there are some great standout moments (A giant rectifying a skewed house was a good one). Some awesome performances by the likes of Danny DeVito, Steve Buscemi, and other supporting characters I had no idea where in it. Ewan McGregor puts on a great performance in this one. Billy Crudup is sort of annoying, but when everything comes together for the last 20 minutes he makes up for it.

Two thumbs up for this one. Check it out for sure.
In for this film.

IMO it has the vision of a Tim Burton film all over it.. in terms of the scenematography so it should be good.
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Originally posted by el presidente Highsteppa

think whatever you want.

from the trailer that I have seen in the website, it seems like it is a feel good movie but with a lot of imagination and very original characters, which IMO is totally part of Tim Burton's style. Which is why his films are very original.
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I saw it last night I thought it was kinda cool..I was kinda aprehensive being a tim Burton film (not his biggest fan) but for the most part it didn't have a Burton feel to it...I thought ewan was amazing as the edward...

I liked it somewhat it was really "cute" and worth the gift certificates santa brought...

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Saw this movie a couple of weeks ago when I downloaded it. :p

I actually paid to go see it AGAIN on the big screen!!!

It's that good.

I loved it, if any movie will make you leave feeling good about yourself without trying to shove an idea into your brain...this is one of them.

3 thumbs up!
Oh.. I have to see this movie!
You know when you see a piece of yourself in something....that's this movie for me.
I can't wait!
Saw this movie last night and I loved it. To keep it short and simple it reminded me of John Irving writing with elements of Stand By Me, Beetlejuice and the Princess Bride. Go see it...lots of people in the audience were shaken by this movie.

that is all.
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I thought this movie was very well made. It makes you think about and appreciate your imaginative powers, all the while reminding you that the things that may bother you the most about the people you love can quite possibly be their most endearing qualities....
finally a movie about story instead of eye candy...

my only complaint is that the plotting left me feeling unresolved at the end.
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