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Big DJ/ Small Club


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Nov. 12 (Monday) at Shine.

Is anyone hitting this up?
I'm thinking about it, but I'm not a big fan of Shine. I've never been there, but looking at the usually line-ups outside, it's not a place I'd like to go (I hope I'm not insulting anyone here).
Does anyone know how much it is?
Plus, Shine has a dress code right?
What do you have to wear?

Metal Morphosis

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Hey there... i'm thinking about going. but i'd really like to know who the 'big DJ' is.
i've never been to shine so i have no preconceived ideas. I'm more interested in seeing a good dj than worrying about the venue. go to www.aphex.ca at noon on thurs. nov. 8th for guest list.

you could always call the club to see if there is a dress code.



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shine is an OK place. it's super-duper small, maybe 100 - 150 capacity and tends to get EXTREMELY hot. don't worry too much about a dress code.. it's only really of concern on friday and saturday night. the place is pretty hype among the mainstream on those nights and i wouldn't recommend going on them. on a Monday, who knows? find out who's spinning and if it's someone big be warned.. the place is one of the hottest venues i've ever been in when it's packed.
shine isn't cheap either.. $5 - 6$ for a beer. I think smirnoff ice is $7, can't really remember.
i agree with lisa though.. don't let a venue ruin what might otherwise be a wicked dance experience.

hey lisa.. miss lebeer i presume?

it's me, richard, that you met at sona in montreal last summer! drop me a line sometime and let me know how your vancouver experience has been.. rrause@po-box.mcgill.ca



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Alright thanks! Yeah, that's definately a good point. I'll definately try to get onto this guest list, but I've yet to hear anything about who's spinning...

Metal Morphosis

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i'm going For Sure.
just found out who the dj is...
not to be missed.

i missed out on the guest list though... it opened online at noon yesterday and by the time i got to a pc (at 12:45) the guest list was full.

no matter - i'll wait in line for a ticket for this one.

richard - check your mail
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Who's the DJ? You gotta tell!!

The guest list was full at 12:05. I couldn't get onto the site at noon.
But I don't know if it's even possible to get a ticket in the line-up since their only giving away 150. If you do get in, let me know how the show is.

Metal Morphosis

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It was Deep Dish and it was awesome!!!
I waited 2.5 hours, and we almost didn't get in!!! Some guys i know were 3rd from front and they got there at 6:30, i got there at 8pm and some dude 10people back from us Didn't get in. they only let in 150 at the door and had about 50 VIP. Nice small, intimate - loved it. They even gave everyon 2 free drink tickets.

Good tunes, nice crowd = good night

you going home for Christmas Mike??
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Metal Morphosis "you going home for Christmas Mike??"
if I'm the mike your meaning.
well I'm going beck to Ont on boxing day then staying w/ frineds till jan 4th.
I'm debating on NYE though... what to do , what to do??
heaven vs hell or destiny...?? or if I can find something alot smaller and intamate then those even thoguht I miss TO parties sooo much,