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big bud


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Gin = Bad!!! soooooo evil.... sooo wrong....

Was a great time at the party, got to the party and heard Jelo and Decepticon ripping the place apart, nice hard pounding wicked funky ass techno and house - perfect way to start the night... then hung out in the bar (nothin new there) til almost 2am... Marty Mcfly played a great set as always in the bar area, then wandered out for Jon the Dentist.. he didn't disappoint one bit, great hard trance the whole set, danced (or stumbled) my ass off!! Dragonfly was amazing after the Dentist, had only heard him spin once before that and definately want to hear more... never did get to the jungle room although I would've liked to, just got kinda stuck in the trance room and never left.... massive amounts of people at the party, quick lineup to get in, great sound and lights as always at the docks....... just too many labatt blues.... was a fun time, i've always enjoyed partying in the docks and can't wait to do it again!
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i pretty much hated this party a whole lot. it was almost good because it was so bad. i'm not a jungle girl, first off, so the thought of spending an evening thugging it up at the docks didn't really appeal to me, but i HAD to see jon the dentist.

lineup was very efficient- i found out why when i was searched. thats a joke. a jungle party is the one place where i really want to be searched. i want the to check every pocket, every compartment of my bag, take off my shoes- i don't care. but she barely searched me, which was scary. oh well. got inside and headed straight towards the trance room. it quickly filled up to the point where you could barely dance. oh, but then you had the lovely spacious chillout tent to relax in!!! with the crappy system and no chairs. i basically killed time till dr. trance came on. that held me over til jon the dentist, who rocked. but my love for the music was not enough on saturday. at around 4am we had to leave.

getting out of the party was almost as horrendous as the party itself. i really enjoyed how the wonderful parking attendants let people park in the entrance/exit path. that was a lot of fun trying to get out of the parking lot. the only reason i got out at all was because some people had left already and i was able to get through their spaces- but after driving around for 10 minutes.

so overall i rate this party as gross. i hate big bud.

plurry mcplur plur.......sugar


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I LOVE seeing such opposing reviews one after another.
I give these reviews a good review. I had a good time overall.



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Yeah!!! the party i decided to go to to celebrate my b-day.

Anne Savage on Thursday, Sander Kleinenberg on Friday, Nicky Blackmarket on Saturday, The Rock vs Hulkamania on Sunday. WWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!

NE ways back to big bud. Like I said, I came to this party to see Nicky Blackmarket. Got in at 1030 to see the jungle room already ram-jammed to the rafters. Pushed and shoved our way to coat check to see an even bigger line up than out side. Finally check ours coats in after an hour, and when back into the jungle room just in time for the last 3 mins of Dopey, and Nicky was up next. Saw Nicky for 30 mins, couldn't handle the pushing, shoving, overcrowding of the sheep/cattle (some really big cattles in there) so said fuck this and went into the house/trance room. What can I say? Stayed there the whole night which was good, cuz there was always room to dance.
Good thing I'm not a pure junglist or I would've been pissed just standing in a space smaller than a drawer in the jungle room, getting shoved the whole night.
Dr. Trance was good when his records weren't skipping(they skipped quite a few time, I forgive you Mr B. inside joke with my freind ann).
Jon the Dentist was good too. And so was the guy after him (dunno who). I'm guessing Danny(redout) played last. Dude if that was you, sorry to hafta say this, but you need massive amounts of practise. I heard him basically fuck up almost every mix. And whats up with maxing out the bass then the pause and doing it again? Boom boom.....boom boom..... is that supposed to be a trick or something?:eek: Give credit to his track selection though. Some of the tracks he put down are still in my head. At 6:45 am decided to head into the jungle room cuz there was finally room to dance. Last song came on after about 10 mins. after. Was that a massive attack track? GAAAAA. I wanted to dance to jungle, not that mellow stuff. oh well. Ran back into the other room only to have that closed after 5 mins. Party ended at 7:15am. Yeah! Third party in a row I stayed till the bitter end.

Overall a fun night, but a bit dissappointed I didn't see all of my fave jungle dj's set. That's ok. I'll see him again in the future.
I know most of my reviews read like a bad one, but it honestly was a decent night. As long as I danced for the majority of the night, I consider it a good party.

Oh, a tip for everyone who reads this, and please take it.

If you decide to buy pills (not that I do or condone it)