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Big Bud


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i hope you all post something bad about this party (no offence to big bud) but i hope i didn't miss anything. who was the guest dj? was it too packed? AAHHHHHH! i hate it when i miss a damn party i've been planning on going to, but something always goes nice and wrong. grrrr.

oh well.



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BigBud (pardon me if my spelling is a bit off this morning)

okay i'm gonna be reviewing bigbud rfom a trancehead's point of view, seeing as how i barely even visited the jungle room.

Qwick vistits to the jungleroom however provided a great lightshow with awsome lazer effects. lighting in here was incredible!

as for the trance room... lighting suffered a bit but the music was GREAT!
when i got there steve venom was playing.... wikkid set and he even threw in some prodigy to end his set! (ahh the old skool)

MarkEG was next and he did not dissapoint! Some SERIOUS NuNRG right thru his set... It seems MarkEG doesnt only spin NuNRG, he IS NuNRG!!! very impressive, kick you in the head beats! As for showmanship... i've heard the stories and this was the first time i got to see him perform... He did everything from trowing rekkids into the crowd to lighting his dreads on fire!! hehe dreads on fire.

erm.... all sets following EG's honestly put me to sleep in comparison... so i dont have much to say about that....

all that aside, the one thing i noticed the most was the ViBe!!! I havent felt a vibe like that in a long long time! gah.. how i miss raves like these.

Sorry Jeph, you really did miss out.

p.s. (it was $45 at the door [TOTALLY WORTH IT!])



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Bah..he only liked it that much because he was there with me uh yeah. What was my theme of the night? Lets see out of all the people who I ran into in the first hour or two, how well can I lose everybody.

Despite the fact that I was walking around looking for people all night (this is NOT a usual occurrence) I managed to be in all the right rooms at the right time it seemed.

Mark EG...this guy really lives up to the stories. Can you say ENERGY pumpin out of this guy. If you even thought to be tired, just one look at this guy on stage and you're moving.

Vitamin D...played a nice set but that was expected.

and thats all my brain can wrap itself around right now...so someone else can wrap it up.


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this is no fair
im gonna complain about this for so long! they had the laser in the jungle room didn't they? ARGH! NO GOOD! finally a good party and i friggin missed it! *stabs himself*

who was the guest dj?
i gotta know.



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One thing I didnt like is that they said the party was going to be liscensed..yet I didnt see any alcohol did YOU?
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I'm with JePH on this one....damn i wish i wuz there! The info line did say something about them not being allowed to serve booze...I dunno!

Let's get some more jungle reviews people!

Evan K
Chaotic Vibes


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the only bad thing about this party was that jeph and d-cypher weren't there

does that make you feel better?

great, smashing, super.


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Big Bud's Quantum Leap at the Docks Nightclub - 14 Oct 2000

Happy Birthday to me. Somehow the stars seemed to be in alignment in terms of timing. Shabba D, Darren Jay, Mark EG, and my birthday. One hell of a present, eh? Add a copacetic security, and bitchin' light show (especially lasers in the Jungle room - muthaphukkin' a), and you've got Quantum Leap, the latest party rolled up by the people at Big Bud.

I arrived on the scene at 10:15 pm just in time to see a smoking set by Lush with MC P and the others. Caddy Cad then arrived on the scene to help out. In the midst of the set, Flipside came out with T.O. councilor Vivian Chow to thank everyone for their participation with I-dance. Vivian added her 2 cents on the impotance of voting for a "pro-rave" city council - it is municipal election time around these parts after all, and this gig was not immune to the usual sloganeering that accompanies any campaign. The Jungle room was packed to the rafters with people awaiting Shabba and Darren.

Some time and last-minute changes had to be made. A "surprise guest" was slated and it was rumoured to be DJ Hype. But sadly due to the passing of his grandfather, Hype was a guaranteed no-show. The ever-so-lively Mark EG had his plate full gigwise on that night, so the promoters had to slot him in for a midnight set in the techno/trance room. For me, this created a bit of a conflict, since Shabba D was also slated for that time. The crowding at the Docks didn't help matters much. So much heat and sweat from the massive created some mad condensation from the pipes and ductwork, and everyone was a pinball moving madly from one spot to another, trying to find enough ample space to dance. Or to breathe.

Making matters a little more complicated were the exlusion of a licensed area - almost at the last minute - to make way for the house/breaks room, and a very small chillout tent. Because of the crowding, security was posted at the entrance to both the stage and the tent, making the floors more crowded. I didn't mind not having some alcoholic refreshments, but more planning should have been made for the chillout area - there were quite a few pissed-off campers at the entrance.

I've managed to move around a bit - all it took was a bit of patience and agility, so I was able to get a taste of what was happening.

Shabba D got the crowd going nuts with his delivery. This was augmented by Lush's skills on the tables. Eventually, the DJ had to make room for a blazing old-school back-to-back by Mystical Influence and Marcus. Shabba didn't miss a beat, although throughout the night there were some mic and monitor problems. Other MC were on hand to relieve him, especially the nearly-ubiquitous Caddy Cad, MC P, Lal and Nai, who sounded as if he was doing his damnedest to out-Shabba D. The massive went freaking delirious when Darren Jay took over and a set of UK madness was unleashed by the two Brits, although some skipping dubplates messed the mix a bit.

Speaking of madness, Mark EG's set was elctrified by his own presence. It appeared as if we was going at 160 seizures per minute. That was good enough to get the crowd dancing and giving heavy-metal devil salutes to the stage. If only he had a mic like the last time he landed for A Higher State early in the year. In spite of his epiliptic theatrics, Mark never failed to do a good beat match and mix to his records. Near the end of his set, he manipulated one trance track and morphed it to a gabber anthem which set of a wave of insanity among the crowd. Mark has won himself a convert in me for that act. I just hope he doesn't croak too soon.

Although I don't care much for house and breaks, the linup did a good job of chilling the massive. Mark Tasse, Marty McFly and D-Monic performed good, well timed sets, given the size of the room and the relatively perilous locations of the turntables. There's nothing much to say there: I'm not much of a house/breaks person, but people got down and boogied 'til they dropped.

I left at around 4:50 just in time to see Capital J doing his world-(in)famous scratching and mixing alongside MC P, Bandit and Friendlyman. Trigger and JD called in sick at that night, hence the slight change in the MC lineup. Whatever the case may be, this party ranks among the best held in this city so-far.

The high point: I was dancing like a loony, so much that it attracted the attention of some of the partygoers who (vainly) tried to copy every move I made. Nice going massive.

The low point: Chill tent. Get a bigger one next time, dammit.

Moot or not: NO BOOZE?

Final Big Question: Did the "special guest" ever showed up?

Rating: 9/10 - It was my birthday, and I don't care.

Peace out. Jacques.


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Trigger & JD both cancelled?

And Mark EG spun early because he was booked in London for a set l8er on in the night.

Wow. Some really mixed reviews on this one (from what I have heard anyways)

But I wasnt there, oh well.



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Alright here's my review for Big Bud. I got to the party really early to avoid the huge line up. I stepped in And Dj Red was spinning. He dropped down some pretty good tracks!! and Supa D was on the Mic. I wandered from room to room for a bit then I caught Lush's set! What a great set. Caddy Cad, SUpa D, Mc P and MC Bandit were rippin' up the mic for a bit, but threw me away the most was when SHABBA D came on. Man does that man know how to make a crowd fucking jump! That man just goes crazy!! Marcus and Mystical threw down a great set!! I loved the intro Darren Jay put on!! and again Shabba just got the crowd jumping!!

After Darren Jay's set I wandered around. Boy was it ever crowded!! I caught a bit of Marty McFly's set! I became sort of bored for a bit and kept getting elbowed in the face cuz of how short I am. AFter awhile I just wanted to go home!! I chilled in the Breaks room for a bit. I found it pathetic how securtiy had to hold a line up to get to the chill out tent! considering the number of people there were.

Well I went back to the Jungle room and caught Trek E's set! HE just totally blew me away! So that kinda made my night. All in all Big Bud I thought you guys did an alright job! I mean there were some downers with the party, Security were tight as hell but hey what can we do!

OH one more thing. WHO WAS THIS GUEST DJ???


If I had to rate this party I would give it about a 7/10
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It is 10:55pm Sunday night, and just got home from work AFTER going to Quantum Leap.

I arrived at The Docks late, about 11:20pm, as my friends were late in meeting me downtown. I was furious, seeing the HUGE lineup, combined with the fact that Mark EG was playing at midnight. Fortunately, the lineup was the first pleasant surprise of the night; because I already had a ticket, I was through the lineup and search in 15 minutes tops. Great organization by The Docks and Big Bud!

I walked into the party to see Flipside doing his little speech with Olivia Chow; very cool, but to be honest I had enough of her at I-Dance. Lush then broke out with the latest Brian McKnight remix of "Stay Or Go"; a ladies tune, but definately one of my favorites. Looking at the time soon after that track had finished, I made my way back to the Trance room to see the man, MARK EG! I walked to the front just in time to see Steve Venom packing up, and the lunatic himself setting up shop behind the decks. Expecting trance, I was slightly disappointed when I heard a lot of nuNRG, but he still just RIPPED it up. Aside from his showmanship, this man is a DEFINATE hit. The trance room was underdone; very little to no lighting made me almost feel sorry for the DJ's, because it was so dark.

I then made my way into the jungle room again, to find the place absolutely JUMPING! I admit that I have almost always made fun of Shabba D; the only other time I saw him perform he was too stoned or high or whatever to make a coherent rhyme... but after last night, he has TOTALLY redeemed himself. He ripped the place up with well timed lyrics and incredible rhymes, alongside Mystical and Darren Jay. After Shabba packed his bags for the night, the local crew took over in FULL EFFECT; Caddy Cad, MC P, Bandit, Nai, and all the rest of them just tore it up with some crazy lyrics, with mad trax being provided by Capital J, including a SICK remix of Eminem's new track "I Am".

I only have a few small complaints about this party; for one, ticket prices at the door went from 45$ to 50$! I'm sorry, but doubling the price of tickets at the door is ridiculous for any party... about 5 of my friends had to leave and go home because they just couldn't afford it. Secondly, the chillout tent was WAY too small for a party of that size; it was maybe 50' by 30', making it necessary to have bouncers at the entrance letting people in.

Overall, this was probably one of the best parties I've attended in 2000. Always room to dance, as friendly security as you can hope for, and the BEST all around music I've heard in a long time. BIG UP THE BIG BUD CREW ON A SICK SICK PARTY!


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Am I really the only person in the world who finds Mark EG annoying? He was entertaining the first time I saw him, but after a while his "antics" just get stupid. I don't like NuNRG either, so that probably doesn't help in me liking him....

Anyway, I was kind of pissed off about not finding the breaks room until after Marty Mcfly's set... That Deedot guy was okay (nice scratching, but his selection showed his lack of experience). D-Monic's set, however, made my night.

As for the other rooms, I can't get into jungle like I used to, but Marcus' and Mystical's old school set was pretty refreshing. Darren Jay wasn't as good as the last time I saw him, but maybe it was just me? Vitamin D was okay, but I was disappointed to see that the rumors true - he no longer spins breaks

Big Bud could really have screwed things up if they got greedy and let in all those non-ticket people. It was really crowded when I got there, and if they let in those additional 1000+ people, things could have gotten really ugly. Unlike some other production companies *coughnextjunctioncoughliquidadrenaline* they did the right thing and didn't overcrowd (too much, anyway).



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Originally posted by MisterJacques:
Big Bud's Quantum Leap at the Docks Nightclub - 14 Oct 2000

Happy Birthday to me.

Although I don't care much for house and breaks, the linup did a good job of chilling the massive. Mark Tasse, Marty McFly and D-Monic performed good, well timed sets, given the size of the room and the relatively perilous locations of the turntables. There's nothing much to say there: I'm not much of a house/breaks person, but people got down and boogied 'til they dropped.


first of all..I had a pretty good time at the party.

My only complaint was with the dJ monitor.
it blew up sometime for 1am in the breaks room.

Ive mixed with no monitor before...
Its kinda ghetto, but you can do it.
The thing is you can't hear when your making a mistake sometimes, until its too late.

glad you liked what you heard.
Its too bad they didnt have a backup monitor somewhere.



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Did he really spin more of a NU NRG oriented set at Big Bud? When I saw him a few hours later in London he threw down a set of hard ear raping techno...not one NU NRG track amongst his entire set.

What da deal?
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Originally posted by Spinsah:
he threw down a set of hard ear raping techno...B]

that's EXACTLY what he played at big bud... NOT nu nrg... unless i have my music genres mixed up...



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Wssup Y'all
Nuff respect to the big bud massif! That was one hellava night-I couldn't believe how many people were at this party so damn early!!! I had a blast, I just wish i knew i was supposed to play in the other room after!!

Bah-oh well-still was fun



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well, after staying up all nite friday drinking and working all day saturday, going to big bud was the last thing i wanted to do on saturday nite....
i decided i didn't want to waste my ticket and ended up going and was not disapointed....
i got there late...around 12:30 and was very impressed with the fact that ticket holders had no line up....
i was still in a bad mood but was surprised to find some friends there that i didn't think were going...
it was them and marty mcfly's set that cheered me up and put me in the mood to party...
this was my first toronto party since june because i've been in B.C. and i forgot how much i missed them....
i didn't want to leave the breaks room all nite but the heat in there was overwhelming so i spent quite a bit of time in the jungle room where the vibe was tight and the lights were amazing....
the only bad thing that really happened was that my friend got kicked out for smoking a joint...now, i know there were signs everywhere that said if you are caught doing anything against the law, you will be kicked out, but come on, it was a BIG BUD party...i find it kinda ironic they'd make such a big deal over a little weed....
but overall i had a wicked time, met lots of cool people, heard some pretty good sets, (especially marty mcfly, d-monic and deedot) and danced my ass off.....



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aight here is my review of the party folks:
10/10 Fuckin amazing party!!!!
mad respect goes out to BIGbud......
security----> were not tight at all. You could shmoke all the ganja you wanted and yup

Music\sets-----> perfect! superb! amazing! excellent! my favourite would have to be DJ TREK-E and the "surprise mystery guest" cap..cap...capital JJJ!!! and nai

shabba tore shit up (as always) and darren well i didnt really catch all of his set, but he played some choons that i havent heard in a while
really got me energized!!!! woohooo
(i was in the breaks room)
line-up-----> none for moi, but security @ the door was really pretty tight, but not inside

etc...----->there were sooooo many of 'em, all of them with their wide eyes (almost popping out) or either lazy eyes (u know what i mean) what can you expect it was a BIGGGG pahty.
i met so many poeple that BIGBUD was there 1st party.

and this is my second time someone bit me @ a party, i think i attract the wrong people. dontcha think???


peese (for now)
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with a lineup like that, how could anyone be dissapointed?

i sure wasnt.
it wasnt that crowded, a little around peak time, but nothing too drastic! we still had room to dance, and thats all that matters!

the lighting was cool, coulda done without the free whistles at the door though! they ended up all over the floor and everytime you turned around you were stepping on em, or kickin it (in some peoples cases, trippin on em while kicksteppin!)

ME ROOM OF THE NIGHT: breaks room

i must say although it was really hot, everyone in there was just awesome. big up the dancers! mad respect to the ones who keep it real... you guys are the shit!

marty, deedot, d-monic. great jobs you guys!

thanks to the guy who mentioned the free ice tea we could get from behind the counter in there... self serve i might add

now onto other sets...

Mark EG's techno set was awesome! and ending with some good tech-trance tracks! it was funny when someone through him a joint and he chewd it up and spit it out into the crowd! haha!

i checked out part of Vitamin D's set, very impressive. it was the first time i had seen him spin anything other than breaks, and the c.d i received from him at the party is nice! love it! thanks D!

and Capitol J through down a killer track selection as usual, crowd was hyped!

now from then on i stayed in the jungle room dancing my face off except for the time i wandered into the trance room to dance to a few killer tracks at the end of the night.

mad respect to everyone who kept the place filled with smiles and a good vibe.

i have no complaints.


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PS. to the people who havent seen that someone already mentioned the MYSTERY GUEST was supposed to dj HYPE... there ya go again.

his grandfather died, he couldnt make it.

woulda been killer to see him! but these things happen.


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Yet another hype Big Bud party! Wikkid music, and wikkid wikkid vibes.

However, I only had an ok time. Even though the music was wikkid, there was no space to dance newayz, so how are you supposed to enjoy yourself? Next time party you guys throw, consider the dancers in the crowd. Do not overpack!!! Last week's Hulla had the perfect amount of people. But newayz, what can ya do?

Didn't catch a lot of the jungle sets 'cuz I left pretty early, though I did catch the early parts of it. Lush's set was ok, I would've enjoyed it more if I was into oldskewl. I thought it was supposed to be Lush and Mystical back2back? Hehe...I guess it's tradition now or somethin' to have Marcus and Mystical back2back @ a Big Bud party. That was a sick ass set!! Props to Flipside, Bandit & Caddy for hyping up the crowd and keeping the rhymes flowin! Shabba D...nuff said!! The fuckin' dappa don, truly a junglist champion! Not to mention Darren Jay, 'nuff dark tunes! How were the rest of the jungle sets?

Btw, guest DJ was supposed to be DJ Defiance from the UK (check Tdotjungle msg board), but he got sick or somethin' so he didn't spin.

Par- T

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I had wanted to go to this party but I couldn't get an advance tkt. so I was planning on going somewhere else instead - that is until Cracky called up and convinced me to go and spend $45 to get in. Yes I'm glad I went!

Steve Venom was a good way to warm up to Mark EG - nice trance - just what I needed. Then came Mark, just as crazy as the last time I saw him (at Big Bud's "A Higher State" in March) - dancing harder than most people on the dance floor, lighting his hair on fire, etc. Like Kife said, those who came after,didn't do much for me either. That is until OS/2 came on and had me loosing myself to some wicked tracks (I need a name for that 2nd or 3rd one he played, he had it at the last Ascension too). Dr Trance was his usual excellent self but it was time to go.

Checked out the main/Jungle room breifly through the night but the only time I was really feeling it was to Darren Jay- definately not too miss. He plus all the MCs had me going non-stop.

A very good week-end, Garage416 on Fri, Big Bud on Sat. had me poorer but happy
Good to party with dlerium and Kife too.
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