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Big Bud

Discussion in 'Jungle Room' started by noahmintz, Jan 28, 2002.

  1. noahmintz

    noahmintz TRIBE Member

    I just heard the headliners for Big Bud's 5 year ...
    Nicky Blackmarket back2back w/ Kenny Ken in a 4 hour set
    4 hour's for a jungle set (with 2 djs) is a little excessive if you ask me

  2. noahmintz

    noahmintz TRIBE Member

    Whoops ... forgot to add Canibus is the hip-hop headliner ... I thought that guy was dead

  3. rentboy

    rentboy TRIBE Member

  4. noahmintz

    noahmintz TRIBE Member

    That's exactly what I was thinking

  5. feisty boy

    feisty boy TRIBE Member

    what ever happened to fresh headliners?
  6. fuzzy

    fuzzy TRIBE Member

    4 hours is fine if its 2 good DJ's though.

  7. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    welcome to the world of the Toronto promoter.......tried and true is the only way they play

    not all of them though.....you know who you are
  8. Kung Po Beef

    Kung Po Beef TRIBE Member

    I must be the only one looking forward to this.
    I'm bored of the so-called "top" djs...all producers of course...who's flavour & style is based on they're own personal songs and/or the flavour of the month.

    Me? I'm looking forward to 2 "professional DJ's" that run with their own flavour, their own style of mixing and blending to give me a some proper dj majic for 4 hours.

    Top 10 is always welcome but I'm looking for that mixing substance...that little in between right now.

    "Take me on journey, yep on a rushing trip"
  9. CC

    CC TRIBE Member

    this party will suck ass. that's my prediction. compare that to the other two big parties.... big bud has lost this round

  10. air-bag

    air-bag TRIBE Member

    i think kenny has residence here [​IMG]
  11. Illusion

    Illusion TRIBE Member

    It's all about Empire with Dillinja and Ray Keith .. and than the following weekend with Andy C..

    Big Bud has lost their touch .. there last good party was with Shy FX and Swift ..

    But what I really want to see is Dom&Roland
  12. AVE

    AVE TRIBE Member

    ^^Dom has a US tour coming up....but surprise surprise, no toronto date
  13. Don DaDa

    Don DaDa TRIBE Member

    This party is gonna be off the hook!
    Canibus is one of, if not THE BEST hip hop mc today! He is worth admision alone for me.

    Oh yeah, Nicky blackmarket and Kenny Ken should be fun too.

  14. Redout

    Redout TRIBE Member

    which ones CC??


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