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Big Bud New Years?


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SICK FUCKIN JAM!!!!! what a way to kick off new years!!!! Spock was sick!!!!! SHIMON WAS SPECIAL GUEST!!!!!! SICK SICK DnB and Trance all night long.... couldn't ask for anything better


malicious motive

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yeah...it was a really nice party..the only thing i would have changed might have been to overhaul the entire coat check...i was in line for 1.5 hours and then told the coat check was full..went back at about 2:30am to see if there was space (cuz i was tired of holding on to my jacket)..at $4.50 for a jacket...! ridiculous!! ....but everything was alright.....nice vibe and nice old school trance tunes


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I just go back from my little vacation to Ontario and I hit the destiny Big Bud NYE party. I entered the party very skeptical because of last years distaser known as groove oddesy. I was seriously impressed with this party. everyone there seemed to be having a good time.
We arrived at around 10ish and got in really quickly (score 1 for this party) the only bad thing about arrival was the terrable set up for coat check. I waited about 30 minutes and the line wasnt that long and by the time I had checked my coat the line was huge there was no real organization for a line either for coat check so there was just a mass of bodies gathering on the far side of the jungle room. (big minus )
well after enduring coat check we made our way around to check out the venue and how it was set up and upon finding the upstairs 19 + area decided to sample a few drinks. the upstairs room was pretty good pre midnight having me run up and down stairs. to see everyones sets.
the only problem with the top floor of NV was how bloody hot it was. it was fine for the 1st half of the night then WHOOSH heat wave of Zambian proportians hit and it was too much. OS/2's set was decent nothing spectacular. 2 friends I went with called the top floor home so I ran back up fr the jungle room which was a very hard thing to do for the countdown. found my roomate and girlfriend gave tehm a kiss then ran back down to the jungle room as soon as I heard anabolic step up to the decks.
Upon reentering the jungle room there was another countdown. which was perfect becusae I was with my best friend jen so I got to kiss her too. but as she kissed me guess who's walking in the room behind us...
my Girl and my roomate. DUN DUN DUN!
but it went over well. So I made the jungle room home for the rest of the night. Jen , some guy in a blue visor and I ( guy with red jungleist movevemt shirt took over the front row for the rest of the night. it was the best time I have had at a party in ages
the MC's were on and the DJ's were incredible. the only break I took was to go see jelo spin . he took the place down! only if it wernt so hot up there I wold have danced the entire set. he had great trackselection with lots of variety opening with the space invaderz remix tehn going in to some hard hard beats and even some breaks. what a good set.
back to jungle.
MARCUS! spun the best set I've ever seen him spin technical wizardry!! droppin the finest mixes and layering in so much variety.
The special guest of the night was suposed to be Elis Dee but he couldnt make it so I am confused to who was the guest I know someone from the UK I heard DJ shabba ?? btu then someone told me Shimon but showever it was took the place down!!
Dee Dot switched up and spun a jungle set. big ups. it was decent. and had us dancing the whole way through. lastly trek-E was DOPE ended the night briliantly. having a huge diversity in his set dropping everything from older tracks from good looking to the usual )EIB( anthems. great way to end the night.
Spock was the headliner upstairs I ran and caught 5 minutes of it . it was OK not my bag though. my roomate said it was an amazing set so I'm guessing the upstairs was as good as the jungle room.
overall. 8.5/10
good job destiny / Big bud.
best NYE ever.


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happy new year!

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Again late wit the review, but been working everyday since...
Yeah as my buddy malicious motive said, coat check was fuckin sick. Got in at 1030, got out of coat check at 11:55. yey. At least Marcus was throwing down a sick set while I was in line. I think it was him....
At around 12:30 went upstairs to see the rest of our crew. Anabolic was on, so I just loafted for a bit. Jelo came on next, so I was pretty excited about that. But his set wasn't all that great this time around. His opening jungle track was unexpected though. Spock was pretty damn good. I wasn't expecting much from him, cuz I've never heard of him, but he spun a pretty tight set.

Went downstairs and caught the first half hour or so of DEE DOT, spinning a jungle set. What does he normally play? Nothing special there, but I had to get my jungle fix, so I danced like a mofo. Went back upstairs and danced some more, loafted some more, chatted wit strangers some more, and danced some more.

By 4-5 in the morn, a lot of people were sitting down, but a lot were still dancing. Dr. Trance threw down a pretty sick set. Droppin anthems everywhere...um, expect that mucho mambo sway song. Soon as he dropped that, everybody kinda stopped, looked at each other for a moment, then started back up. That was pretty funny. Next thing you know the lights were on, and everybody was slowly leaving. Wicked party, wicked night. Good vibes, good people, great freinds. Love all you party ppl. Everyone/everything made my night.

cept for coat check.