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BIG BUD 4 Year!!!


TRIBE Promoter
Happy B-Day Big Bud!!

I had a wikkid time...didn't expect to see so many people there

I caught the tail of steve venom's set-funky and PROPER as usual (FI)

When it was time to hit the decks Paul Walker and I noticed that the sound technician had the mixers wired to only hear the music each individual was playing-making it impossible to hear what the other was playing

Anywho paul impressed the shit outta me and skooled my young ass :p
Mark was One Crazy Muddafukka(no big surprise)

Thanks to Big Bud for making this happen, and the crowd for being maddddd coolio



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I was bitchy when I got there, b/c there was a big traffic jam on the 401 and we didn't get there till 1:30. It was super packed and that added to my bitchiness, but when I got into the breaks room, I was a happy camper. I danced my ass off, and am now suffering from it. Anyways, better than I expected, and I had lotsa fun.


[- FuNKtiOn -]

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Well, although I didnt get there as early as I would have liked, I was impressed with the shortness of the lineup.
Although once I got inside, I found out why. Because everyone was already inside! The packedness wasn't really an issue, because I do love at the Docks that I can always find some open area (although it was hard at times for a while).

Shy FX threw down some great tracks, but I was still in the transition of finding people and wut have ya, so didnt reap full benefit of hearing his set.
Mark EG is a nut.
Swift threw down a great set with MC Foxy on the mic, and impressed me a lot.

Marty spun a good set, but there was that whole thing where security weren't letting anyone in the breaks room (like 2-2:30ish).

I dunno, I found there was always something good to listen to in one of the rooms, and I had a great time.

But yeah... Enuf outta me.



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worst night in long time.... Had to wait 2 hours for my buddies to show up b/c i had there tickets and i told them i would give it to em before but they were like "no we will get it when we are there from ya"... so thats ok and i wait and its fuckin cold outside and i am there looking at this fucking 2 million mile line growing. Now me and my other buddy see our friends driving in and i run up to the car and tell em where we are going tobe while they park there car. They walk up i give em there tickets and i get the money from em and even some of them already paid me so its all good. So i am standing there in line wif them looking at this massive line and someone taps me on the shoulder, i turn and its a bunch off cops. There first question is what where you passing over there, and i was like telling the truth and shit.

Now my troubles start, i have some stuff on me and its totally not related to why i got taken in by em. So then the officer says put your hands on the car and i knew what was going to happen next so i say want my id and he is ok and then says to come over to another car and they check me out and i come back clean. And they call the promoter out and ask him what they should do wif me and my friends are there to say they bought the ticket already and that i was holding it but the cop wouldnt let em talk. And the promoter checks if there fake and there not and he just says goto the back of the line. And mean while i am at the back and well i am pretty sure when the coppers had my ticket "1 left for me" and my money that some of the money disapeared. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

and you think i am done!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ohhhhhhhhh nooooooooo

location: 19+ area
really crowded and packed but still havin an ok time. Friend from school has her 19th birthday and i am buying her a drink, bar tender is fuckin rude to us and she says fuck you to him after he fucking told us off and he picks up a hand full of shit and chucks it at my fucking face and the piece of ice cut my eye and now today i will have togo and see a doctor b/c it took a piece out of the corner and wont heal. So my friend them reaches for the tip money and the bar tender grabs her hand and starts fucking threating her like life and i can barely see b/c there is shit in my eye. And he calls security to throw her out and then she gets arrested and i have to leave b/c i cant fucking see proper and go home.

What a bad night.
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I, on the other hand, had a fabulous night. I had been having a shitty weekend up to now, but this was absolutely what i needed. Lots of friends and familiar faces that just made me smile after a couple of terrible days. And the MUSIC.
The wait in line was reasonable. spent 40 mins, which is what i expect from a party of this size. I can handle waiting in line for up to an hour.
Great music. Shy FX is a bad man, and he put down some of the jazzy instrumental dnb that i'm just loving right now. Swift was full of dubplates, as i expected. No disappointments whatsoever. MCMC was fabulous, as was the MC Foxy... and when they went back to back i was in heaven.
The Toronto locals represented very well, although it was clear by the audience reaction that everyone had come out to see the UK crew.
I also spent some time checking out Mark EG, who is always good for a laugh. Got right up front to get a close look at him and his insane antics behind the decks. Suddenly, I got a funny idea... so, i went and bought a rose off of this crazy guy for like 2 bucks, and i went up front and passed it to Mark EG. He took the rose, started laughing hysterically, then put the stem in his mouth, and ripped it to shreds. He then proceeded to put all of the rose petals in his mouth, chewed them up, and spit them out into the crowd. For the remainder of his set every time he drooled it had this rose-coloured tinge to it.
That's the best 2 bucks i've ever spent.
Thanks Big Bud, you've come a long way.
By the way, it was nice to meet AlexD who was bumping around taking pictures. (I hope me and my crew get into the next tribe magazine!!)
Unity. -Duncan (MBoy)


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well to sum it quickley,
too many ppl.
shit venue
wikkid music
good vibe (breaks 2-7)
too many sketchy floor kids

peace. jonny


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Big ups to Big Bud for being proper and holding it down for 4 years. I have been to quite a few Big Bud jams. This party was not really a special one. I have been to other better Big Bud's but oh wellz.

"Still Smokin" was held @ the Docks entertainment complex. Hehe....wow, what a surprise! :p Got to the lineup @ approximately 10:30pm and was in just before 11. The lineup was pretty long though it moved pretty quickly. The usual so-so pat down and in ya go deal!

As usual, Big Bud trying to light things up with their big ass giant spliff. Hehe..man would I love a toke off of that. Can't forget that wikkid laser always present @ the docks. People sending crazy messages up on that fido msg system thingy on the big screen on the sides.

The crowd wasn't that great IMO. The venue got pretty packed @ times. One couldn't dance for more than 2 minutes without someone walking bumping into them. There wasn't a lot of vibes either. Even when the UK headliners came on in the main arena. Crowd wasn't topnotch but it was ok. Realized should've stayed in the bar area until Shy FX came on 'cuz the lineup escalated for all them alcoholics! Hehe.

Now on to the DJ sets in the main arena... (Jungle/D&B)

Kinetic - Nice upbeat set. didn't really catch much of his set but what i heard was a good. this man is a topnotch up n coming producer, a wikkid dj, and an awesome scratcher! definitely gotta give him props. mc soopa d by his side keeping things alive.

Mystical Influence b2b Lush - Supposed to be Mystical b2b Marcus but he couldn't be there. Still...this duo threw down a bangin' set! Lush rinsin' out the newest of the new. His usual blend of newskewl stuff ranging from Digital, Total Science, & Dylan. Mystical throwing down the hard stuff.(not to mention new) He dropped "Love is Not a Game(dilly remix)", "Spaced Invaders (J Majik remix)", new RAM Raiders tracks and "Up All Night". Can't believe he's got these plates now...big up! Can't forget these two dropping "The Nine" and "Brand New Funk". People went crazy! Big ups to MC's Caddy Cad, Friendlyman, Trajedy, JD, & Soopa D for keeping the crowd hyped & 'ting.

Shy FX w/ MC MC - Now I've seen this man perform 3 times before, and this appearance was not that different. Loved his intro though...the one with the female vocals. Anyone know the track?
First teased the crowd with his Nuttah dub mix. Nothing too special about his set. A few anthems here and there and some new tracks that I've never heard. However, his mixing at times were pretty shady...he just kept on cutting from one track to the other. MC MC was pretty boring...didn't have much stage presence and wasn't blabbering enough rhymes. MC Foxy showed up near the end of his set...now this guy knows the deal. He's got a wikkid stage presence and awesome lyrics. "If you love this style..say yeah!! Ouch!" Hehe...

Mampi Swift w/ MC MC/Foxy - One of my fave dj's but wasn't that impressed with his set. Dropped a lot of familiar tunes and did his usual mixes. This guy puts Shy FX to shame @ mixing...no offense. Mixed "The Pulse" & "The One"...a treat for the junglists!! MC MC & MC Foxy going back2back and definitely creating the vibe. Caddy Cad, L Natural, & JD alternating lyrics as well. MC's pay attention...never call a rewind when a dj is in the middle of the mix. Couldn't say much about the rest of his set. Left at about 4:15 am....really sucks having work after a party.

Overall, this party was ok. Would of been better if there was more room to dance and not everyone was walking around. Can't wait for the next Big Bud. Big shout outs to Redout and the Big Bud crew for keeping it tight.

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DJ Doublecross

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I wasn't at the party, so I could be incredibly wrong, but the vocal tune that Shy FX opened with was probably his new tune, called "Everything."

Wicked tune, very light and soulful.


Temper Tantrum

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What a wicked party

This was my first party in a while, been doing the club thing and haven't had a chance to round up a bunch of my friends and hit a rave in a while. The night started off with six of us at my place, drinking wine, eating pizza and watching sex in the city. Two of my friends who came were having there first party, Brittany (said friend) goes up to 'change' and comes down in tight jeans, a white sweatshirt and these cloggy type shoes. here's me in my huge pants, funky shirt, and rave getup and she looks and me and asks if it's a Halloween costume. Later that night she was thankful I made her change. Anyways, I ran in to a ton of people I knew down there - Despite the LONG lineup, it moved quickly, we only were in line for about half n hour. BIG props to Shy FX's set, loved the intro- Mark EG was insane as usual, dancing harder then anyone in the crowd, but he was fucking incredible. The jungle room was a little too thugged out for my liking, though after all the club-kids cleared out around 3:30-4, there was actually room to dance and the vibe got better. Overall, a wicked party. Wasn't able to stay to the very end because one of my friends got sick, but I caught most of Dr. Trance...ah well. Good party!

t. tAnTrUm


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<font face="Verdana, Arial" size="2">Originally posted by DJ Doublecross:
I wasn't at the party, so I could be incredibly wrong, but the vocal tune that Shy FX opened with was probably his new tune, called "Everything."

Wicked tune, very light and soulful.

Just found out the track is by Shy FX himself..and it's called "Shake It." Features Nia on the vocals....



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well overall i had a fun time at big bud, and since i went with sweetbabu, i also was stuck in the traffic jam. lol, it kind of sucked but it was all right after we got through it, time just seemed to fly by after we got out of that....

we got to the party late, and it was packed.... but it cleared out not really long after we got there.

the breaks room was my haven for the rest of the night. and it was good breaks too

see yih soon babu :p



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Ahhh, good old Big Bud. 4 Years eh? Wow.

So it had been a few weeks since I actually went out anywhere, with my vacation to Mardi Gras and my basic laziness just holding me back. So the executive decision was made to head out into the land of ravey goodness and hit Big Bud.

And it wasn’t that bad actually.

After sitting in traffic on the 401 (ohh look, an accident, lets all slow down and look) me and my giddy friends arrived at around 1ish. Get in, looked around, throw our jackets down in a safe spot and head to the 19+. Got the bartenders attention by last call, got 6 drinks and finished them off in a wink of an eye.

Now since the wonderful and internet friendly promoters were so kinda for telling us all the schedule ahead of time, I missed allllllllllllllll the house. And, since Richie Salvaggio didn’t show up, or got canceled, or some nonsense like that, I had to live with breaks all night and their pseudo im-so-cool altitudes. Well, it was either that or listening to fatty-Trance OS/puke for the night. You decide.

So I heard great sets from Marty and Big League Chu, a crapo-rama set from Dee Dot and basically socialized my night away.

For a party this size, I though the crowd was pretty decent. Pretty good altitudes all around and just enough characters to keep me interested.

Now didn’t get out of there till 7am (don’t ask) so coming out of a party in daylight for the first time in over a year, made me laugh to myself more then one reason.

Overall, alright party. Although standing in the second room gave me chills for a few moments.

Too bad the best music I heard all night was live from Tonic on my way there.

Ah well. Shit happens.

PaRtYKiD’s rating 6.5/10

Corey B.
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quick review of Big Buds 4year-
When i first got in there it was way too packed, i found a little bit of space where i could move around a bit and figured id just stay there until it cleared out a bit, sucks to havin to push and shove my way around, it just puts me in a bad mood.
That turned out to be a great move, Shy FX and Swift were off their asses, and MC MC tore the house down.
I checked out a bit of Mark EG's set and it was pretty good but i also decided that there is no way i would ever hang out with Mark EG (except for maybe to get chicks), i think he would be cool for a bit and then he would start to annoy me.
After it all i would say that this was another solid Big Bud party, Big Bud once again reminded me why i don't miss any of there parties.
THe only complaint i have is that it was way too packed - a good party is one where you don't have to push and shove your way around - but it cleared out a big after the headliners were done so its all good.
I also watched Gummi bears the cartoon when i got home, that was also good.


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I heard a lot of mixed emotions about this party. Granted it would be crowded and all, I let it all go and danced my ass off!! Kinetic threw done a wikkid set, OMG!!!
I was in the main room most of the time but I did see Mark EG....
what a performance!!! Nice move MBOY!!! That was insane when he destroyed the rose!!! Wish I could've met some of you there! I was the tall chick with the white blond and copper streaks in my hair....Anyways...until next time


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I really wanted to decorate my sorry ass dorm room with that big ass doobie...yummy!
It would be like...you know....an air freshener!!


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One more thing...I really wanted to decorate my sorry ass dorm room with that big ass doobie...yummy!
It would be like...you know....an air freshener!!


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SYDFX..... I saw u there.. lookin fine.... should have come up and talked to ya... i was the tall guy in the blue hat.. baby blue moose on it and moose written on the back...
oh well.... maybe next time.

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Hey dj phat e, I think I remember you too!! No worries, I'm sure we'll meet sometime soon!!

Jazzy Jeff

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I officially love Mark EG....What a psychopath!!!! :p him goin nuts wuz makin me go nuts!!!! unlike popular opinion (it seems) i loved his set stayed for the whole thing...dude's a maniac i think the more crazy dj's the better but that's just me